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Bespoke Guided Tours of Frosinone and Lazio

Over the years I have been approached by many people who have been interested in visiting the towns and villages of their ancestors in the Lazio region of Italy. Some people are unsure of getting to these remote areas, of driving in Italy, or may not speak the language, so I have decided to run a trial to gauge potential interest in taking custom guided tours to the area. If you feel you're interested in the idea, just drop me a line on the email address below, letting me know which country you live in and which towns in the Lazio region you would like to visit. If the response is good I will email back in the next few weeks with more details. Grazie!

Anthony Rea Tours
To register your interest please contact:

Please add the country you live in and the town in the Lazio region you would like to visit.

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