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La Colonia Italiana di Manchester
(1794 -1932)
Prof. Azeglio Valgimigli

Gives a factual account of the development of the Italian community of Manchester from the late 1800s to the Thirties, including the development of Little Italy. Valgimigli covers a wide spectrum from the 'Dante Society', 'The Italian Mutual Aid Society', the three biscuit factories, the Italians of Manchester, The Great War, Italian educational institutions of Manchester, the Fascio of Manchester, The Italian Catholic Society, and famous Italians who visited Manchester.

This book is written in Italian. It is long out of print, but a copy resides in Manchester Central Library. A translation was made by Mr. Gerard di Vitto in 1989 which allowed this book to become a major resource for those seeking an analytical history of the community.

Manchester's Little Italy
Anthony Rea

This is the accompanying book to this website. Never intended as a dry social history of Ancoats, the book paints a picture of Little Italy through anecdotes of its colourful inhabitants. It was first published in 1988, at a time when Ancoats had become virtually forgotten.

Publisher: Neil Richardson
ISBN: 1 85216 020 9

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Gilroy Was Here!
Jim Glen & Ian MacFarlane

The life and career of Scottish boxing legend, Bert Gilroy, real name Antonio Rea. Born to Italian immigrant parents, his outstanding boxing career suffered during the war years, as did many Italians living in Britain at this time. Scottish champion, and potential middleweight champion of the world, he 'was the unluckiest champion that ever was.'

Independently published, see website for more:

The Italian Factor
Dr. Terri Colpi

A comprehensive and highly readable analysis of the Italian community in Great Britain. It traces the the first arrivals of immigrants in the 1830s, the origins and occupations of those who followed, how the community grew and changed, internment during World War II, and the subsequent post-war flood of new immigrants.

Publisher: Mainstream Publishing
ISBN: 1 85158 344 0

Italians Forward
Dr. Terri Colpi

A complement to 'The Italian Factor' above, this is a pictorial tribute charting 150 years of Italian immigration to Great Britain. Cartoons and drawings of the first immigrants, family portraits, internees in the Second World War, and modern day photos bring the history of the community to life.

Publisher: Mainstream Publishing
ISBN: 1 85158 349 1

Bloodlines: Vito allo Specchio
Owen Logan

Owen Logan, a distinguished photographer, was born in 1963 to a Scottish father and Italian mother. Through a series of over 50 photographs he captures scenes of Italy and mirrors how the traditions have been kept alive by the communities in Britain. The artistic and emotive images bear witness in a moving way to the immigrants' longing for their homeland.

Publisher: Cornerhouse Publications & Istituto Italiano di Cultura
ISBN: 0 948797 09 6

Finding Italian Roots
John Philip Colleta Phd

A good resource book for all genealogists of Italian origin, discussing civil records in Italy, religious records, advice on searching and a glossary of Italian language terms. Although the book is written by an Italian American, the source addresses in Italy are valid to descendants in all countries.

Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc.
ISBN: 0 8063 1393 5

Tracing Our Italian Roots
Kathleen Lee

Depicts the wave of Italian immigration to America at the beginning of the 20th century, describing the life left behind in Italy and the challenges faced in America. Includes brief discussions of some prominent Italian Americans. An easy reader but gives a vey informative overview.

Publisher: John Muir Publications
ISBN: 1 56261 149 6

The Star of Shame
Des Hickey and Gus Smith

This tells the story of the ill-fated passenger liner SS Arandora Star, which was recommisioned during the Second World War to transport Italian and German internees to Canada. The ship was tragically torpedoed by a German U-boat with the death of 470 Italians and 143 Germans. Des Hickey and Gus Smith relate these moving events and investigate the untold truths which the British Goverment sadly covered up.

Publisher: Madison Publishing, Dublin

Arandora Star
Una Tragedia Dimenticata
Serena Balestracci

Italian language publication about the sinking of the Arandora Star and the tragic events that surrounded it. Interesting and informative from an Italian viewpoint.

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Isle of the Displaced
Joe Pieri

Joe Pieri was born in Tuscany in 1919 but he has spent all his life as an Italian in Glasgow. In June 1940 Mussolini declared war on Britain and Winston Churchill uttered his famous 'collar the lot' command. Most of the Italians arrested were sent to internment camps on the Isle of Man but Joe's fate was different. This book tells his story of how owing to a governmental blunder he was shipped 3000 miles and spent three years in a POW camp on St. Helene's Island, in the shadow of the Jacques Cartier bridge spanning the St. Lawrence river in Montreal.

Publisher: Neil Wilson Publishing
ISBN: 1 897 78457 0

North of Naples, South of Rome
Paolo Tullio

My maternal grandfather Vincienzo Schiavi(o) was born in Gallinaro, a small town in the Comino Valley, North of Naples, South of Rome. This is also the birthplace of the author of this book, Paolo Tullio, who recounts the local customs and events, from market day to truffle-hunting, wine-making, food, local buildings and folklore. As someone who spent many happy months in Gallinaro as a child, I can recommend this book to all homesick 'Ciociaria' around the world.

Publisher: The Lilliput Press
ISBN: 1 8746 75 821

Catching Fireflies
Capturing the dream of a Tuscan vineyard
Tony Rocca

The story of Tony and Mira Rocca's struggle to relocate from the UK and set up a new life in Tuscany. It follows the purchase of 'Collelungo', a dilapidated property they planned to convert into an agriturismo hotel, and their financial struggles which led to them starting their own wine business for the first time.

Accompanying website: www.TonyRocca.com

Publisher: Century
ISBN: 1 8441 35942

The Autobiography of Charles Forte

Lord Forte, who rose to Chairman of Trusthouse Forte one of the largest combined hotel and catering businesses in the world. An history of his early life, from his birth in a hiltop village in a hamlet of Frosinone, Italy, to his rise to become one of Britain's most respected and successful business men.

Publisher: Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd
ISBN: 0 283 99158 5

Fifty Years of Ice Cream Vehicles
Stuart Whitby and Alan Earnshaw

Tracing the history of ice cream mobiling in the UK over the past five decades, 1949 - 1999. A very informative and well illustrated book.

Publisher: Trans-Pennine Publishing
ISBN: 1 903106 08 8

The Italian Influence on English Barometers from 1780
Edward Banfield

Barometer making was a major industry in Great Britain. This factual book would be of interest to those with a family history in the subject. The author traces the origins and background of the early Italian migrant barometer makers and indicates how they made their way to Britain. He describes how they set up in business to make and sell barometers, so that within a vey short period they were able to dominate the British Market.

Publisher: Baros Books
ISBN: 0 948382 07 4

Arpino: 3000 anni di storia
(Arpino: 3000 years of history)

A guidebook to the origins, history, buildings, museums, famous people, scenery and food of Arpino and the Frosinone region, Lazio.

Guida ai 91 Comuni della Provincia di Frosinone
(Guide to the 91 Communes of the Province of Frosinone)
Edited by Luciano Rea

A comprehensive directory to all 91 communes and the towns of the Frosinone region, Lazio. A handy guide for all travellers with descriptions, directions, hotels, restaurants, bars, calendars of events and what to see.

Ciociaria in Video

Italian language video of the villages in the Comino Valley, Monte Cassino, The Sanctuary of the Madonna of Canneto and more. A great insight into the lives of the people of this region.

To purchase the 3 items above contact the Ciociaria Tourist Board, 'Ciociaria Turismo':

Or contact directly the Tourist Office of Arpino, Piazza Municipio, Province of Frosinine, Lazio, tel: (Italy) 0776.84853



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La Passione
Chris Rea

Based on the life of popular singer Chris Rea, it tells the story of a young boy, born into an Italian ice cream family in Middlesborough, and his fascination with the famous red shark nosed Ferrari of the 1960s.

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