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"Gelato in July" - Islington Wharf

Anthony Rea, consultant for "Gelato in July"

The first 'Gelato in July' festival took place on Saturday 24th July 2010 at New Islington Wharf, on the corner of Great Ancoats Street and Pollard Street, Manchester.

Islington Wharf is one of Manchester's newest city centre developments, comprising residential apartments with a mid-level garden terrace, situated beside the canal. Hosted by developers ISIS Waterside Regeneration, the festival both promoted the development and gave visitors an insight into the history of the area, which was once home to the Italian community of Manchester.

Anthony Rea gives a talk at  "Gelato in July"

Anthony Rea was employed as a consultant to source the Italian food, music and historical material for the event, working with Holly Reynolds and Anys Williams from the marketing team. A local historian and ice cream maker, he gave a slideshow and talk on the history of the area and ice cream.

Anthony Rea signs his book at "Gelato in July""It was fantastic. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. There were more than 60 people at the talk. The only complaint was from a lady who said that the Italian flags should have been bigger!"

Anthony also organised a small exhibition of archive photographs and text content on the Italian and ice cream history of the area.

Part of Anthony Rea's exhibition at

Ice cream manufactured by Marco Rea's, a business which originated in Ancoats, was distributed to the residents, and a Marco Rea's ice cream van was on site for visitors to buy ice cream cones. There was also a selection of Italian food and drink, including meats, cheeses and wine for visitors, supplied by Roma Deli of Whitefield.

Marco Rea's ice cream van at

Outside, musical entertainment was provided by Franco and Antonio Teoli, who played traditional Italian tunes on the guitar and accordion. Around 500 people attended, a mix of couples interested in viewing the apartments and families having a day out. Even the famous Manchester rain held off!

Islington Wharf, Ancoats, Manchester
Islington Wharf, Ancoats, Manchester
Islington Wharf
"Gelato in July" promotional material
Items from Anthony Rea's exhibition at
Items from the exhibition, showing an original 'twist' cone box used on old ice cream carts on the left, and a vintage hand-turned ice cream churn on the right.
Further items from Anthony Rea's exhibition at
Further items from the exhibition, showing various ice cream scoops and paddles on the left, a 'twist' cone baking iron in the middle, and original signage from the Marcio Rea ice cream dairy to the right.
Franco and Antonio play at
Franco and Antonio play the tunes!

All text and images (unless marked *) Anthony Rea 2010
not to be used without permission. All rights reserved