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Message Board - archive 1

From: "Julia Lovell"
(email adress withheld)
Subject : Camozzi, Arandora Star
Date : Wed, 16 Apr 2003 18:44:47 +0100

Dear Mr Rea

I have just found your very interesting site! I am researching my family history and have found that my grandfather was Cesare Camozzi.

I have found from other articles and your site that he was on the Arandora Star and died at sea. His body was washed up on Malin Head and was buried at Carndonagh in Co. Donegal.

I have been to visit the grave this week and drove up to Malin Head where the ship went down. I took my mother - his daughter - and it was an emotional experience for us both.

Now to the point of this email. I believe Cesare had a cafe called the Monogram in possibly Fallowfield in Manchester - does anyone have any information on this? He was also married to Minnie and had a son - Emilio - does anyone know what happened to them or can you point me in the right direction? Could anyone also tell me if there is any type of memorial to those that died as I would like to visit.

Julia Lovell


From: "john murtough"
Subject : Vito, Porrelli
Date : Sun, 30 Mar 2003 13:17:34 +0100

my grandfather was angelo vito who in 1917 married carolina porrelli she lived at 103 great ancoats street her father was gerardo porrelli an ice cream vendor after getting married they lived at 36 howarth street chorlton upon medlock he was an ice cream maker any body remember them


From: "Pattie Zielke"
(email adress withheld)
Date: Sun 09/Feb/2003 21:32 GMT
Subject: Marrone, Rea

Buongiornio, senore!

My USA relatives (Grandparents) were from Frosinone (Sora/Pescosolido) and Caserta. They emigrated in about 1914. Grandfather Ferdinando Rea and Grandmother Pasqua Marrone. I am making a trip to Italy in April/May 2003 and plan to go the two towns to visit my ancestry.

Patricia A. Zielke


From : "Carl Dooley"
(email adress withheld)
Date : Sat, 1 Feb 2003 01:09:15 -0000
Subject : Rea Family

Well, today was a sad day for the Manchester Italian history, the burial of Gerard. Unfortunately, time takes us all in the end. However, from today, I was informed of the web page you have created on our family history of the Rea's. I have spent time reading it and found it very informative, sometimes sad, enjoyable and humorous. I have the Little Italy book too to keep and I shall print out your web page for me to read time and time again as the years go by. Nice to see my grand dad, Dominic on the site! He would have loved that! "Dom on the Net"!

I shall show the site to my work mate, he is English but loves Italian food and culture, he visits Italy twice a year! So he will love to see your web page and now he will believe all I have told him about my Italian connections.

Also, I am sending the link to my cousin Terrance in New Zealand, he loves family history and memories. So well done mate! Look after yourself! P.S.: I bet your thinking of buying one of the apartments in the New Ancoats one day!! Am I right?

All the best! Carl.


From: "Marc Rasquin"
(email adress withheld)
Date: Mon 16/Dec/2002 15:48 GMT
Subject: De Arcangelis, Rea, Ciccarelli, Perna

hello I hope you speak english. my name is marc rasquin. my mother is italian from arpino her name is lucia de arcangelis. she is in france since 45 years. my grand-father was ernesto de arcangelis, his mother was ciccarelli antonia. My grand-mother was celeste rea, her father was pietro rea and her mother was perna pasqua. do you know my family ? She comes from arpino, and I want to make my genealogy tree, but from italy, it is difficult. I thanks you for your answer.

Marc rasquin


From: "Eddy Hamblett"
(email adress withheld)
Date: Sun 06/Oct/2002 16:52 GMT
Subject: Little Italy

Hi Tony

Had a quick shufti at the website after I had seen you on Sunday.................as they say "yer done great kid". When you read some of the names in the IMIA it sounds more like a hit list for the Mafia. Good idea to put it on a web site. You just think about your future and do what is best for you. Always nice to see you and have a chat. Look after yourself.



From: "BenBeeby"
(email adress withheld)
Date: Sat 05/Oct/2002 23:33 GMT
Subject: valvona, coppola, mancini, pompa

Dear Tony,

First of all, congratulations on your excellent Ancoats Little Italy web site, to which I was referred by Rosalind Smith, who I believe has written to you recently concerning her own Valvona ancestors. It's nice to see such obvious enthusiasm for your subject matter.

My research into my own Italian ancestry has taken me to various places (on paper), one of which is Ancoats, though I am not 100% certain at this stage of a link with the area. In brief, my great-grandfather Antonio Coppola (born 1847 in Gallinaro) came to Manchester from Atina, with two sons, to work for an Antonio Valvona about 1891. By about 1894 Antonio Coppola had moved to Coventry where he lived until his death in 1931. I believe he may have been related to a Domenico Coppola who lived in Manchester in the 1880s and 1890s, and possibly a Philip Coppola (who had married in Manchester in 1876, and was certainly still there in 1901). Am I right in saying that Ancoats was just north of the city centre of Manchester? Perhaps you are familiar with the names Pump Street, Gun Street and German Street, all of which crop up in connection with Coppolas in Manchester. Other names were Foundry Street and Ices(?) Street.

I was particularly interested to see the photos on the web site. My great-aunt Maria Coppola married a Vittore Mancini in Coventry in 1898 and they later set up a thriving ice cream business ("Victors") in Coventry. Their push cart (which came from Clerkenwell in London) and early horse-drawn cart are now on display in the transport museum in Coventry.

I have yet to visit the villages in Italy of my ancestors, but am looking forward to going there next year. I assume you are still in the Manchester area? When do you give your presentations on Ancoats?

And finally, are you familiar with the name Pompa? I have correspondence (dating back to the 1960s) between my great aunt Maria Mancini and an Achille Pompa (born 1892 Clerkenwell), and I understand that he was an historian of the ice cream trade in this country and a keen family historian. In the early 1970s he was also editor of the ice cream journal Ice Cream Topics.

Thanks again for a great site.
Trevor Hancocks


From: "rosalind smith"
(email adress withheld)
Date: Sun 22/Sep/2002 18:32 GMT
Subject: valvona, coppola

hi thanks for such a fasinating web site i am researching my family tree (valvona, coppola, ect, ect,ect,ect you'll know what i mean.) and have come across ancoats many times, i knew that it was in manchester but very little else, i actually live in scotland but a few of my relatives came here via england and i'm also trying to conect the valvona's in england to the ones here in scotland all of whom i have accounted for.i'm trying in particullar to find info on an antonio valvona who had a biscuit factory, i know he lived in gt ancoats street in 1901 the company was called valvona ice biscuit company have you ever come across it.or do you know the local records office for that area. thanks.

kind regards rosalind



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