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Message Board - archive 10

From: John Podesta
Email: whitewatercascaiding@yahoo.com.au
Subject: Italian intern lists first war
Date: 21 January 2004 03:04:38


Would it be possible to list internees in the First World War Britain as my grandfather, whose first name could have been Giovanni, Giovanni Battista or just plain John Podesta. He was in London in 1903 and would have been age 21 at the time but because he was in a foster home they may have changed his identity.
Thank you.


From: John Podesta
Email: whitewatercascaiding@yahoo.com.au
Subject: name search
Date: 21 January 2004 02:53:24

Names mentioned in Antonio Nardinis Barg paese come tanti taken from the British Family monthly Tree Magazine. Send a letter to 20 Birch Road Wellington, Somerset TA218EA and send a photograph if available of your ancester with some details for a future update book about Barga migrants and will also search what he has on the name.


Agostini Albieri Alberti Arrighi Arturo Balbo Barbi Baroni Barsotti Bertoia Bertolini Biagi Biagioni Biagiotto Bosi Brucciani Buglia Buonaccorsi Cabrelli Candellini Caproni Cardosi Carrara Casci Castelvecchi Cecchini Chiocconi Cima Cola Consoli Conti Corrieri Cosimini Costa Curielli DePrato Dianda Donati Dumbra Fontana Funai Ghiloni Gianni Gigli Girolami Gonnella Groppi Guida Guiliana Laccheri Lazzerini Leonardi Limberti Lorenzini Lunardi Maiolani Marchetti Marchi Macucci Marroni Mazzolini Menichini Mocogni Moscardini Mosconi Motroni Mugnai Mussolini Nardi Nardini Nemi Nutini Olivieri Onesti Pascoli Pellegrini Pieraccini Pierantoni Pieri Pieroni Pierotti Poli Redini Reno Renucci Rigali Renaldi Rocchiccioli Rovella Saltieri Salvi Sampietro Serefini Sereni Simoni Simonini Stefani Tallinucci Tognarelli Togneri Tome Turicchi.


From: laura
Email: www.brianmengella@hg62.btinternet.com
Subject: vito mengella
Date: 18 January 2004 16:49:22

hi my name is laura from preston i think you website is brill the hole scene is fab. i would like some imformation on a long lost great great great great great uncle he lived in naples in italy he is called vito mengella but he had to fly back to england over the italian war.And i would like some pictures of him. but he died 60 year ago which is a long time he is burried in preston crematoriam.

from laura mengella preston.
p.s thank you


From: brian
Email: www.brianmengella@hg62.btinternet.com
Subject: mengella
Date: 18 January 2004 16:38:09

We are the mengella family from Penwortham Preston. We would like some imformation on are ancestors.


From: "John Podesta"
Email: whitewatercascaiding@yahoo.com.au
Subject: Podesta
Date: 17 January 2004 04:18:19

Dear Tony,

I am searching for an italian grandfather John (Giovanni Battista) Podesta who sopposedly came over from Genoa to somewhere in Britain at age 12 during the 1890s and was fostered out and may have taken their name. He was not found in the 1901 census and am wondering if he could be found in the Internment records of italians in London during the first war where he was living by 1903.He stated that his father on his english marriage certificate in 1922 had the same name, an engineer. I am registered with the Italian Anglo Society Tilehurst, 98 Fairfield Drive, Dorking Surrey www.anglo-italianfhs.org .uk who hold many names of people tracing their italian ancesters in the British Isles. I hope to find my ancester one day.

Thanks John


From: "Anthony Ricci"
Email: tidmas1608@freeserve.co.uk
Subject: Ricci
Date: 16 January 2004 18:46:42

Hi Anthony

Visited your website for the first time and think its great well done. had a lot of pleaasure reminiscing about the old times. by the way. hows your new book? bye for now Anthony Ricci Blackpool (andoc)


From: "Matt Nicolini"
Email: gpnicolini@yahoo.com
Subject: Nicolini family - Hull & East Yorkshire
Date: 15 January 2004 16:04:34

Hello Tony

Firstly I would just like to congratulate you regarding the fantastic website, Iíve been visiting it for a few months now and find it very interesting and well designed. My name is Matt Nicolini from Hull. My great, great, great grandfather was John Baptista Nicolini (Giovanni), sometimes appeared Nicholini, who was born in Genova and came to England sometime during the 1840ís. I know he lived in Manchester sometime during the 1840ís as his daughter Rosanna Nicolini is registered as being born there, he was also married there, and I know is his wife was German. I also know his father was Vincent Nicolini and was a shoemaker, but what I intend to find out is whether or not Vincent actually lived in this country or was back in Italy, I know he was not on the Hull census of 1851. If you could help me at all then I would be very grateful, I know how many requests you get from visiting your site, so any help is appreciated. Also if you have any information regarding Italians in Hull or East Yorkshire then I would like to hear it.

Matt Nicolini


From: "Fred Brillante"
Email: fbrillante@carolina.rr.com
Subject: Italian-American
Date: 10 January 2004 16:08:33

It's so interesting to find this web page and to discover an Italian immigrant community in the UK. I'm an Italian-American who is interested in the culture of Italian immigrants.


From: "Walter Santi"
Subject: Treatment of Italians WW2
Date: 10 January 2004 02:59:44

As my name will indicate, I am an Italian-American and I must congratulate you on your beautiful site which surely shows that after a passing of time you still value your heritage. I am SHAKEN at how your government harrased Italians living in England during the war!

Unbelieveable! It happened to a degree here for a few months but ended as soon as they found out Italian-Americans were making up a disproportionate amount of U.S. wartime troops.

Con ossequi,
Walter Santi
Bloomingdale, Ill



From: "Patricia Collins"
Email: patricia.collins@lineone.net
Subject: Andruecci family
Date: 07 January 2004 00:27:07

Hello Tony,

My name is Pat Collins and I live in Ashington in Northumberland. I have used your notice board to try to locate people who may be able to help me in my search to find information about my great-grandparents Gaetano Andreucci and Filomena Vissocci. Their daughter Maria died when she was 36 and her husband (my grandfather) died 40 years old. My mother (their daughter) died when she was 49 as did my father. Consequently I knew nothing of my Italian ancestory.

2003 was the 90th anniversary of the death of Emily Wilding Davis, the suffragette, who was my grandfather's cousin and, through the publicity in the local press, I came to meet a lady called Kay Walker who shares the same Italian great-grandparents as myself. Together we have tried through searching various local records to find out where Gaetano and Filomena came from originally.

They lived in Morpeth (where I was brought up) for a number of years and I remember being told that they made ice-cream. However, I found, through local records) that my grandmother was christened in Newcastle on Tyne. A distant cousin led us to believe that they had come from Durham. We found evidence of a Newcastle address but couldn't get any further until I got lucky and discovered that they lived and were married in Manchester. Finding your site has helped so much towards understanding my background and I cannot tell you how emotional I feel every time I visit your site. One of my three children at the age of 13 informed me that she wanted to play a clarinet. Imagine my amazement when we discovered she was extremely good. So good that she went on to do a bachelor of music degree. On her marriage she has her occupation as musician. Can you imagine the emotion when, some time later I found on the Manchester marriage certificate that both Gaetano and Filomena had as their occupations Musicians!!!!

I mentioned on the notice board that they were married in St Joseph's in 1884 by Fr Salvatorie Carroccio and one of the witnesses was a GIOVANNI JACOVELLI. Their address was given as 28 Gun St. I also found in the 1881 census that the family of Jacovelli lived at 28 Gun St. Looking at your site again I discover the name of Iacovelli and also the name of De Felice. In the 1881 census they were living at 27 George Leigh St. which I think was very close to Gun St. Please can you help, perhaps people who still have close family ties and know where their families came from don't go into the notice board so, is there any way you can suggest that I could get in contact with the families I have mentioned? I know from your site and from trawling the Manchester Gazette that these families are still living in Manchester.

My grateful thanks for all your hard work in producing this wonderful site.

Mary Patricia Collins


From: "Jody Wood"
Email: davesytta@myway.com
Subject: Maul & Brueckman
Date: 07 January 2004 00:19:43

I am trying to help a friend find something on his family. He knows that his family is half German & half Italian. The surnames are Maul & Brueckman. We are trying to find something on these two surnames. Any and all info is greatly appreciated.


From: "Mary Patricia Collins"
Email: patricia.collins@lineone.net
Subject: re: Andrucci / Andreucci / Andruicci
Date: 01 January 2004 22:41:07

I have now found from the marriage certificate from St Joseph's church in 1884 that Gaetano Andriucci and Filomena Visocco were married by Fr. Salvatore Carroccio. Their address was given as 26 Gun street and their witness's were Giovanni Jacovelli and Serafina Andriucci. I have also found from the 1881 census that a family of Jacovelli with Bernard 28 yrs originally from Naples and being a Confectioner Ice cream maker lived with his wife Maria, son Angelo and several members of the Defelice and Carella families who were in-laws and all stated that they were musicians. I wonder if any of the descendents of these families can supply any information about the tenants of Gun Street to help me in my search for my family's history.


From: "Philip William Bell"
Email: ancoatslad@aol.com
Subject: Moroni
Date: 01 January 2004 17:53:15

My great great great grandfather (I hope that's right) was one of the first Italians to set his roots in Ancoats. The name was either Moroni or Moroney, approx 1840-50`s, do you have any information on that name?

Phil Bell


From: "Maria Colaluca"
Email: jd.kilcommons@ntlworld.com
Subject: Colaluca, Diamond Tony
Date: 29 December 2003 16:59:18

Hi, my maiden name is Colaluca. My grandfather was Tony Colaluca who was in the ice cream wafer business with Colaluca and Rocca before the war. He married Mary Kelly from Ancoats and had a son Louis there in 1927. They moved to Blackpool at the beginning of the 1930s and he built up a fish and chip shop empire and became known as Diamond Tony. I recognise many of the names from the Manchester Italian community on this wonderful site and wondered if anyone remembers Diamond Tony and can tell me anything about his ice cream wafer business? He originally came from Avelino. He died in 1955 and my father, Louis Colaluca, died in 1966. I have a brother Tony and a sister Virginia who both now live in Seattle. Can anyone supply any information?



From: "Blake D' Ambrosie"
Email: b_d_ambrosie@hotmail.com
Subject: D' Ambrosio / D' Ambrosie
Date: 27 December 2003 20:09:21

Ciao Ragazzi,

Came across your site whilst researching family history.
g/father - D' Ambrosio / Velenti / Franchi
g/mother - Minchella
My family name was originally D' Ambrosio - (the 'o' substituted for an 'e' during the war in a dismal attempt to make us sound less italian)

I see that in your list of names in the area, you have a D'Ambrosio and I was interested in whether you had any geneology for that name?

Con molti ringraziamenti e molte considerazioni


From: "Mauro TORTA"
Email: maurotorta@hotmail.com
Date: 19 December 2003 00:16:45

Il Vs. sito ci ha dato forti emozioni. L'abbiamo collegato al nostro:
nella speranza di poter contribuire e farlo conoscere ad ogni ITALIANO ALL'ESTERO.

Presidente ITALIANO ALL'ESTERO - associazione


From: "Marie Bernadine Belli"
Email: omertamanchester@lycos.com
Subject: Nazarine Belli
Date: 14 December 2003 17:32:10

I have a little more information about my Grandfather.

His name was Nazarine he originally came from Antirella in Campo San Giovani, he settled in Ancoats, where he went into the ice cream trade. He lived at 158 Broughton Lane and had a small shop attached to it, that sold fruit/veg etc.

I would be grateful if anybody who has any memories / knowledge, of my Grandfather or my father Rocco, would contact me at the above address,

Kind Regards Marie.


From: "Charles Smeaton"
Email: csmeaton@ntlworld.com
Subject: Early 1960s Collyhurst Whit Walks
Date: 28 November 2003 21:20:14

I wonder if within your slide collection if you have any pictures of my late father. He was the station sergeant at Willert Street police station in Collyhurst from circa 1956 to 1963 and as a child can remember him leading the Italian Whit Walks thru Collyhurst. His name was Nick Smeaton and was very wll known within the area.

By the way one of my fondest childhood memories was the Saturday morning visits to Gottellis ice cream shop on Conneron Street. Hope you can help.

Best regards Charlie Smeaton



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