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Message Board - archive 11

From: Marilyn Hodkinson
Email: almar@southdarenth.freeserve.co.uk
Subject: PAPA family
Date: 30 January 2004 22:30:44

My husband's great great grandfather was named ANTONIO PAPA, birthplace Italy in approx 1852. We know from the 1901 census that he was working as an Ice Cream seller in Haslingden, not that far from Manchester. He married in Burnley in 1874 and on his marriage certificate his father was named as RAFFAEL PAPA, farmer. We would love to find out if there is any connection with the PAPA family named on this website and also to find out where in Italy he was born.


From: Kathleen Torrisi
Email: KathleenTorrisi@tt360.com
Date: 30 January 2004 19:20:59

Hi Tony,

What a lovely surprise to find your web site today.I've had your book since it first came out but only discovered the web site by accident !! I would like to add my names of interest to the list.They are not my blood relatives as I am adopted but I have a special interest in Italians as I am married to one !!

My dad's grandfather was Andrea MUCCACHIODI who married Maria BACIGALUPO in 1855 at St Chad's Cheetham.At that time they were living in Back Turner st.In the 1870's they moved to Little Lever st and then sometime in the 1880's they opened an ice-cream parlour at 195 Gt Ancoats st.My auntie Win told me it was called " Andrews" but whether this is correct I don't know. I have found the family there in the 1891 and 1901 census's. Andrea died in 1901 but Maria was still living there until her death in 1907. After this it seems the business must have closed. They were 8 known children,6 of whom survived : Catherine,Antonio- Angelo,Dominic[died],Louisa,Angelo- Andrew, Mary Elizabeth,Rosa Teresa[died] and Amelia. I have a great photograph of the family taken about the end of the 1890's.

Connected to the family is Domenico GINOCCHIO who married Maria's sister Caterina in 1856,also at St Chad's + witnesses Antonio and Julia ZATTA. Also, Giulio Cesare ABBETTO who married another sister,Teresa in 1859. [I'm assuming that they are sisters - all have a father named Angelo and are living in the same house !]

I also have a Maria Bacigalupo who married a Dominic LUCHETTI in 1858. I think she may be a relative of the others as she was at Back Turner st as well.

As far as I can tell these Bacigalupo's are not connected to the ice-cream family in your book.Years ago I spoke on the phone to an elderly Mrs Bacigalupo who told me that her father-in-law didn't arrive in England until the late 1890's and he was the first of the family to come over.She also told me that they were from Chiavari in the north near Genoa.I have been unable to find anyone else with the surname Muccachiodi apart from one Maccachiodi in London.The IGI has a few Muccachiodi/Moccachiodi from Genoa so I guess that's the area Andrea comes from.

I'd better sign off now and stop waffling - hope I haven't bored you !!



From: Simona Dell'Agli
Email: dellagli@hotmail.com
Subject: re: website
Date: 30 January 2004 15:52:33

Hello Tony,

just wanted to say that I looked at your website (link from the 24hour museum) and I loved it. It is so well done and the music really brought tears to my eyes (and I am soo cynical usually!).

Of course my parents are from Naples even if unfortunately I am from Milan, to escape the North I ended up in London for the last 13 years. Never been to Manchester though.

Good luck anyway and really well done. I do photography and if you do a search on Google you might find some of my images taken along L'Autostrada del Sole.

Best wishes,


From: Matthew Nicolini
Email: gpnicolini@yahoo.com
Subject: Garibaldi's Cannons
Date: 23 January 2004 14:49:24

Hello Tony, I emailed you last week regarding the Nicolini family and Italians in Hull. I also thought of some other information you may be interested in. In the city square in Hull there are two cannons on display, which stand outside of the city’s maritime museum. These cannons were used by Garibaldi when unifying Italy. They were originally owned by a wealthy local family, who heard of Garibaldi's quest and donated them to him. When Garibaldi visited England to thank all who had helped him, the cannons were returned to the owners. I assume the council own them now. I thought that this would be of interest to you, I think that they are quite historic and there should be more documented about them locally, all that stands is a small plaque inside the museum, nothing states there historic use outside where the cannons are placed. Do you know if Garibaldi visited other places when he came here, I know only of London, maybe he visited Hull, though I very much doubt it!

Thanks Tony, Ciao Matt


From: Allyson Bird
Email: Alan.c.bird@talk21.com
Subject: Giovanni Raffe & Gertie Gitana
Date: 22 January 2004 11:27:28

Dear Tony

Great site! Noted the friendship between Giovanni Raffe and Gertie Gitana. My grandmother Ethel May Insley was a friend of Gertie Gitana and I am trying to find out more about her name and life etc. Do you know of anyone that could help?

Allyson Bird


Email: parsonsmin@hotmail.com
Subject: Surname: Salero
Date: 21 January 2004 13:50:48

Hiya Tony,

I'm hoping you could help, my wife's maiden name was Salero. Her nan wants to know what Salero means? Also she wants to know if there's a coat of arms for Salero? They say Salero is Italian, I've looked everywhere over the past few days about what it means etc but no joy! So if you could help I'd be most greatful plus i'd make a mad irish woman and italian man very happy!
P.S. Salero couldn't be from Spain or France could it, or maybe Portugal?

John Parsons




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