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Message Board - archive 12

From: Angelina Marrocco
Email: wembleygal@msn.com
Subject: Cavalier Marrocco
Date: 14 April 2004 10:32:55

My grandparents Giovanni and Savina lived in Leeds, my grandfather had a business called Leeds Home Services next to a beauitul cinema on Roundhay Rd in the 60s.

Thankyou for the music - not an Abba tribute but a tribute to you Tony, for the wonderful website that brought lots of memories flooding back.

I do hope that we all make an effort to listen to accordion music and hopefully inspire youngsters to learn to play the instrument. I remember both my grandad and my uncle Robert playing the accordion and their love for the accordion.

Johnny Marrocco, my brother, sells ice cream on Lands Lane Leeds - Granellis.

Salutti Tutti Best Wishes

Angela Marrocco


From: Patrick CAPALDI
Email: pat.capaldi@blueyonder.co.uk
Subject: HELP!
Date: 12 April 2004 21:28:54

I don't know where to start but would really like to get any information from anyone about the CAPALDI family. My Father, Leonard, William was born in Bristol but moved to Timperley where I grew up in the 50/60's. His Father was Michele (Mick) who worked as a stone / marble mason. Sadly I really don't know any more.


From: Vicki Slack
Email: vickislack00@msn.com
Subject: Growing up in Ancoats!!
Date: 10 April 2004 11:38:30

Hi Tony.
Thanks for your brilliant site that I stumbled across. It has brought back so many memories from my childhood. Although I'm not Italian and neither were my parents, just to read about where I grew up was amazing. My name is Victoria slack age 35. I lived in the Pub the Crown & Sceptre, which was on Great Ancoats St, from the age of 8 till 12 when my family moved to Blackpool. Previously to the Crown & Sceptre we had lived in the old Steam Engine Tavern on, if I recall well, Blind Street? Belleview. I went to the primary School in Ancoats, Bank Meadow. I have the happiest chidlhood memories of my time there. I wonder if you have any other browsers that were also there at the time I was - 1974 to 81? I would love to hear from them. Also I wonder if you have any more pics of Ancoats from the 70's and 80's? Thanks loads again for your site,
Vicki Slack


From: kelly
Email: markchandler120@aol.com
Subject: Sinacola
Date: 06 April 2004 00:21:04

hi can anyone please help me i am the granddaughter of rose sinacola daughter of benedict sinacola i am intrested in tracing back our family history but dont have anymore infomation my nana lived in ancoats with my grandad walter woods i found a name on this site a marco sinacola can anybody tell me if he was related to my nana or her farther or any info on anymore of the sinacola family.thank you kelly


From: Mike Bacarella
Email: Ironhandtonti@cs.com
Subject: Ancoats in Garibaldi's army
Date: 27 March 2004 16:27:06

I found your site very ineresting and wondered if you may have any information as to Italians settling in your community who were veterans of General Giuseppe Garibaldi? I have been tracing some of the garibaldini who came to America to fight in the Civil War, then, at the war's end, remained to tame and build the wild West. Any information?

Mike Bacarella
author of Linocoln's Foreign Legion


From: Albert (Lorenzo) Lewis
Email: alb.art@btinternet.com
Subject: Varetto
Date: 26 March 2004 00:16:47

Looking for info on Varetto organ builders of Milton street in Lower Broughton or any related subjects.


From: damien zanetti
Email: bomarina@bellsouth.net
Subject: looking for Zanetti family
Date: 18 March 2004 13:07:17

I was born Aug 15 1950 in Maccelsfield, have lost contact with all family. Any history would help - father Gustave, mother Rita


Email: joe.cavalier@btinternet.com
Subject: Cavalier / Cavaliere Familly
Date: 17 March 2004 22:45:11

Hi Tony

I have been sort of researching my family tree off and on for a number of years now relying more on the memories of relatives regarding who married who etc. I was browsing through the net and I stumbled on your excellent website - and it really is very good. It has brought back a lot of memories of the formative years of my childhood; visits to Holywell, family gatherings, school life etc.

My paternal grandfather was born in Manchester 1905 and was called Filippo Cavaliere (although he dropped the "e" from his surname like so many other Italians did). He married Giussepina Pirolli who was born in S.Elia in 1907. They had 3 children - Lawrence (who did aged 18 months), Nina who is now 78 years of age and is married Gerald Walker, and Robert who is my father who was born in 1933, sadly passed away in May 2003.

My father lived and grew up in Manchester where grandad had a double fronted fruit and vegetable/fish and poultry shop on Ashton Old Road - all the dwellings and businesses have been pulled down now as you will probably know. He married Mary Marrocco whose father was Giovanni Marrocco from Cassino, and he was married Savina La Marra who came from a tiny village called Portelle (I hope I have got the spelling correct), about 1Km uphill from S.Elia. My father moved from Manchester to Leeds which is where my mum is from.

Now my father was a close friend of Rudi Mancini who unfortunately passed away also. They grew up together in Manchester and kept in contact with each other into old age. Both were very good accordion players but with Rudi achieving great things with his musicianship.

A lot of the family names that I have see on your website I have either heard of, or know personally and it really has brought back some memories of a time never to be had again. If you or anybody else know of any other "Cavaliers" in the Manchester area, I would really appreciate a contact being established.

Tony, keep up the good work, the website along with the musical accompaniment really made my evening. I just wish my dad was here as well to have seen it as he would have known more of the names and appreciated even more than me the photographs.

Thanks Tony
Joe Cavalier


From: John Franchetti
Email: john.franchetti@ntlworld.com
Subject: Franchetti
Date: 13 March 2004 12:01:31

Hi Tony

I was absolutely knocked for six when I came across your site, my name is John Franchetti, I was born in Chester in 1942, now living in London since '62. I was always led to believe that your dad was my godfather, but have been on to records and it is Francisco and Magdalena Rea, what relation are they to you?

Your grandad Marco was a great friend of my grandad Jesine Franchetti, and although I unfortunately did not meet my grandad (he died in 1938) I did meet your grandad on many occasions, also your dad, the last time at Hollywell some years ago. Your grandad was a frequent visitor to my grandmother's house in Commonhall St. Chester. Also the Arcari's Tommy and Aunt Lucy, Phylis and Delores and Vincent; I saw him at a family funeral about 7 years ago. I used to go to Hollywell every year, but attendances dropped off, and the last time I went about six years ago no one was there so I have not been since.

Your grandad was married at the same church as mine, St. Werburghs. Uncle Marco as I knew him was also a great friend of Angelo Deponio who was another ice cream firm in Chester along with ours, and whose family I still see when I visit Chester about once a year. Your uncle Tony Arcari was at Hollywell a few years ago with Phyllis, I had not seen him for years, I have got some photos of Uncle Marco, Dom, Jess Visco's wedding and also of your mum and dad taken off the wedding photo on the site, also one of Peter and Magdalina's wedding, who are they? My Aunt Teresa and Phyllis are still great friends, and keep in touch. How is the nutter of the family, Philip, love to hear from him, if he has an email address I will get in touch.



From: Michael Guerrieria
Email: michael.guerrieria@btopenworld.com
Subject: Trying to find Grandpa - surname Guerrieria
Date: 07 March 2004 15:49:12

My grandpa's name was Antonio Guerrieria and he lived at 20 Dougall Street, Hulme, Manchester. He was certainly living there in 1922 when my father was born. I am trying to trace his Italian origins. He came from Naples as far as I know but I don't know when or when he arrived in Manchester. Can anybody help my search.


From: Donna Marie Woods
Email: Lucyconley03@aol.com
Subject: Sinacola Family
Date: 04 March 2004 00:05:12

My Name is Donna Marie Woods, my nanna was called Rose Sinacola and her dad was called Benedict Sinacola, I am aware that they are from Scicily. I have looked on your site and believe that I still have family members in Lazio and also members of the family do appear on your site. The only information that I received from my nanna who is now with god is that I am a Sinicola and I have many relatives. I believe that the Sinacolas are one family. I wondered if you could help me or put me in touch with anyone who can help. I used to go on the walks in Ancoats when I was a child but I only have vague memories of this. I would like to find a great deal more about my family background and would be grateful if any information could be forwarded to this email address if you are able to get back to me within the next two weeks if not I will contact again with my own email address.




From: Alma Grimshaw
Email: almagrimshaw@yahoo.co.uk
Subject: Wright Family
Date: 27 February 2004 19:11:24

Hello Tony,

I am Amelia Wright's daughter in law, wife of the late Anthony Wright. I have been looking at your wonderful site online and it was lovely to see Auntie Phyllis and Auntie Lucy. Would it be possible for you to email me any information or photos on Amelia nee Henshaw and her mother.

My daughter is also Amelia Wright who would be very interested in the family history and her great-grandmother.

This email address is my mother's.

Very Best Wishes.

Maria Wright


From: Vincenzo Rea
Email: stuttardsivordene175@hotmail.com
Subject: Once upon a time in Ancoats
Date: 22 February 2004 20:33:11

I am sat here with tears in my eyes thinking of all the old Italians that I once knew and loved, (but not forgotten!) and if today could be like the old days, what a lovely world we would be living in!

I am now signing off,
Non te scordadi me!


From: John Gallo
Email: giovanni.gallo@talk21.com
Subject: One Italian to another
Date: 20 February 2004 22:36:03

Having noted your fantastic web site - wondered if you could assist me for I too am 2nd generation Italian born in Italy - whose parents arrived in the UK post 1960s (settled in Kent). Well having grown up !!!!!!!!

Am presently embarked upon a PhD thesis to discuss Anglo-Italian economic ties post 1945-1999. Essentially a good excuse - if one ever need one to look at Italian history.

This includes imports /exports - immigration foreign direct investments & mergers and Anglo-Italian businessess. Any help, contacts etc... would be greatfully received - I could even visit.

Sono Sempre Giovanni Gallo....


From: Roy Morris
Email: roymorris@onetel.net.uk
Subject: Mario Polese
Date: 17 February 2004 19:59:35

Dear Mr Rea,

I am writing on behalf of a friend of mine, Carlos Marone, an Italian gentleman who is searching for an old friend of his, Mario Polese, from the 1960s. They worked together for British Railways Hotels and during 1961 they were employed at the Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland. They both moved to Yorkshire sometime later when Mario worked at the Midland Hotel in Bradford and Carlos was employed outside of Bradford. Sometime during this period Mario was a godparent to a daughter of Carlos and his wife. Carlo remembers that Mario married a young lady from the Manchester area, he would be about 66 years of age now. Carlo seems to think that Mario came from the Verona area of Italy.

If anybody can help let me know.Thanks for reading this.
Roy Morris


From: giulio masetti
Email: giuliomasetti@msn.com
Subject: Italian immigrants in the UK
Date: 17 February 2004 17:41:39

Dear readers,

As an Anglo-Italian, I am particularly interested in the difficult years of the post-war period which compelled many italians to leave their native country. I ought to add that I do not hail from Manchester.



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