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Message Board - archive 13

From: Midge Gillies
Email: midgegillies@btopenworld.com
Subject: Arandora Star
Date: 07 May 2004 08:47:47

Dear Tony I am working on a book about Britain in 1940 and how the threat of invasion led to paranoia that affected many innocent people such as the victims of the Arandora Star. I would very much like to speak to survivors, or relatives of survivors, of the tragedy so that I can include a chapter on the awful event. In particular, I would like to speak to relatives of Decio Anzani. I would be most grateful to hear from anyone who might be able to help. Unfortunately, I do not speak Italian but I have a friend who does and who has offered to help me. Many thanks for your wonderful website. Best wishes Midge Gillies (Ms)


From: damien zanetti
Email: bomarina@bellsouth.net
Subject: ZANETTI
Date: 04 May 2004 14:20:46

HELP!!!!!!!!! any info about zanetti, 1950 prior or after HELP SEE PRIOR MESSAGE


From: maria cox
Email: mariateresacox@aol.com
Subject: valentini-jacovelli
Date: 04 May 2004 13:26:44

Does anyone have any background on the Valentini family from Picinisco? My father is Dr Jeseph Bernard Jacovelli. His father was also Joseph Jacovelli . He was an American GI in the !st world war. He was on leave ,so I believe in Manchester and met my grandmother Restituta Valentini who had been brought over also from Picinisco when she was 4 years old by her childless uncle and aunt. I know various parts of her family history, having met her cousins in Picinisco lasy t year in Italy. I can remember Uncle Tony who spent a lot of time in England, her brother ,and another brotheer Uncle Albert, married to Phyllis Abruzzezi?, who lived in Marple. Restituta and Joseph had a thriving transport cafe in Trafford Park called Valentines cafe, anyone remember? My auntie Teresa,Uncle Louie (both sadly died now) and Uncle Lawrence with Restituta worked ling hours there until it closed in the 60's when the demise of Trafford Park happened. I would be grateful of any more information . They had great connections with St Anthonys of Trafford Park, so maybe the Ancoats connection is not so well known? Thanks


From: lindsey orlandini
Email: bambino71@hotmail.com
Subject: can anybody help?
Date: 03 May 2004 18:01:23

i think this website is great and so informative. My Grandma is living in Manchester at the moment (Chorlton) she is italian, her name is Daphne Orlandini, and her mother was called Rita Baricci, and her father was called Emmanual Orlandini. My gran moved during the second world war and left her family back in Milan. She has returned a few times, but has lost contact with most of her relatives due to deaths etc. we all would be greatfull if you could suggest anything to us on finding our remaining family back in Milan. Thankyou


From: laura
Email: lauracerrone@virgilio.it
Subject: about arpino
Date: 28 April 2004 21:10:37

I'm in england in these days, but I come from Arpino, Frosinone. I got my degree in Italy with a "tesi" intitled: "the traditions in arpino". I'd like to do a new research about the developement of the religious and other traditios abroad, in England. I'd really like to know someone of you,and have a talk about Italy! Thanks a lot,Laura


From: Torino Guy
Email: molto_elegante@hotmail.com
Subject: Great Site
Date: 27 April 2004 11:22:38

Iam was very happy that i have found this nice site about Italians in Manchester with rich information about the Italians in Manchester, Very Good, thought its my Last year in Manchester as student here from Italy, but i think that the Italian Community here will keep doing the good job :) Thank You


From: Virginia Colaluca
Email: diamondgalusa@aol.com
Subject: Colaluca's
Date: 21 April 2004 04:43:44

What a great idea this is Tony thanks. My Grandad and great uncle Tony and Rocky Colaluca were in the ice cream business in Ancoats in the 30s and 40s. My father was Loucianno Colaluca, my brother is Tony Colaluca and my sister Maria we were all born in Blackpool in the 50s.Grandad moved from Manchester to Blackpool in the late 40s. My great grandfather Lucianno Colaluca emigrated to Ancoats in the 30s from Naples. Grandad Tony married Mary Kelly in Ancoats in the 30s. I have found their names and seen a picture of my grandad in a book I bought in Manchester written by you Tony, I was thrilled. I have loads more information about other relatives the Caprios, Petricos and many more, I'll write again. Anyone remember the Colalucas? Once again thanks Tony for setting this up.


From: Sue Pheasey
Email: jelly_bean@ntlworld.com
Subject: Margaret O'Callaghan (nee Costello)
Date: 19 April 2004 19:29:31

First of all I would like to say what a fantastic website. I'm trying to find out more information about my great great Grandmother. I've been informed that she taught at St. Michael's. On her marriage certificate in 1888 it said she was a teacher and she taught until 1927 when she died. Her name before marriage was Margaret Costello. She married James Joseph O'Callaghan. She also had a sister called Sarah who married Charles Scallon. She was also a teacher and I was told she also taught at St. Michael's. The only other information I have is that there father was called John Costello and he was a clothier and lived at 43 Ashton New Road, which I assume was a shop. I notice you have a couple of photographs on your site with female teachers, were the two photos with the women teachers both taken in 1933? I'd love to hear from anyone who could give me more information.



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