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Message Board - archive 14

From: Guendalina
Email: guendy67@usa.net
Subject: Organ grinders pictures
Date: 11 July 2004 09:25:53

Dear everybody, I am doing a research about Italian immigrants to London and UK in general and I am looking for pictures of ORGAN GRINDERS. Could you help me? Could you tell books or websites where to find them? Thanks in advance for your help.


From: Mike Bacarella
Email: Ironhandtonti@cs.com
Subject: The English with Garibaldi
Date: 09 July 2004 23:44:20

Dear Tony:
Here is an article about the English Volunteers with Garibaldi that I thought you and your readers would be interested in seeing. digilander.libero.it/cacciatoridellealpi/

Best Regards
Mike Bacarella


From: Michael Mansi
Email: michael_mansi@yahoo.co.uk
Subject: Rev Michael Pappalardo
Date: 07 July 2004 18:21:25

I am so glad that I found your site. My name is Michael Mansi. My grandmother's brother, My Great Uncle, Rev Pappalardo born Fr. Michele Papplardo, was born in Minori (SA) in 1869. He came to England and worked in the Salford Diocese of Manchester amongst the Italian immigrants. In 1904 and was given charge of St Aldhelm's Tutton and he was for sometime Rector of st Alban's Ancoats. He preached in Salford Cathedral at the end of the First World war. I visit Minori and have visited his grave many times.

I have a considerable amount of copies of documents relating to his ordination and a copy of his will. The only thing missing was his photograph. Nobody in the family had one. I went everywhere in Amalfi and Minori and we even put a request in the local paper out there in case somebody had his photograph to no avail. Low and behold I found one at last on your site!

I would be interested to have any more information about him as I have carried out a lot of research on his life in Italy. But of course never met him.

Michael Mansi


From: Lucy Evans
Email: lucymevans@yahoo.co.uk
Subject: Andrea Crestadoro
Date: 01 July 2004 08:01:23

I am researching and hopefully writing about Andrea Crestadoro (1808-1879) who was Chief Librarian of the Manchester Free Libraries. He brought over an orphaned nephew from Italy in 1878. He seem to have lived in Salford in the 1850s, then in London, then Manchester. Any traces would be welcome!


From: Eugenio Pallante
Email: eugeniopallante@libero.it
Subject: Job
Date: 01 July 2004 07:49:59

Dear association,

I'm an italian boy, 29 years old,from Bologna looking for a job, whatever it is. I have previous experiences as a waiter and I'm ready to start whenever it takes. I would thank you from now if you take interest in my case


From: Janet Melarangi
Email: janet.melarangi@ntlworld.com
Subject: Melarangi
Date: 20 June 2004 18:19:42

My surname is Melarangi, My father is John Melarangi & my great grandfather was Augustine Melarangi who was killed in WW2 when his merchant ship was torpedoed, I am told our family were ice cream vendors a long time ago. We origionated from Cassino in Italy


From: Julia Lovell
Email: gerald.lovell@btinternet.com
Subject: Camozzi
Date: 13 June 2004 19:53:45

Hi Tony

I managed to track down one relative of my grandfather and we are now in contact, thanks to your site and others like it, and also the help shown by the Italian communities that had links with the Arandora Star.

Main reason for getting in touch is - could the Camozzi surname be added to the list of surnames? I know there are none left in Manchester and only a couple in the UK but I am trying to revive his memory in a small way and it's good to see his name mentioned. I have sent a photo of him to Bardi for inclusion at the memorial there but don't know if it ever arrived.

Many thanks
Julia Lovell


From: Don Hale
Email: donald.hale@btopenworld.com
Subject: Jerome Caminada
Date: 06 June 2004 15:59:28

I am researching my great grandfather's career as a detective superintendent with Manchester Police from 1885 to 1914 and believe he worked with Jerome Caminada. I wonder if there is any record of their working together and wish to confirm just how Mr Caminada passed away.

The police records claim it was as the result of a bus accident in North Wales in 1913, and yet your website says he died at home in Moss Side in 1914? Any help would be appreciated.

Don Hale


From: graeme thacker
Email: graemethacker@hotmail.com
Subject: Bacigalupo
Date: 31 May 2004 17:44:50

I have just came across your site and found it really interesting.My greatgrandfather was Bartholomew Bacigalupo. He and his twin brother walked from Genoa to the French coast around 1878,and ended up in Accrington,where Bart.started his own icecream business.Frederick,I think went on to Manchester.Bart,had seven sons,three of which became hairdressers in Acc.I am researching the other side of my family at the moment,but would welcome any info. about the Accrington Bacigalupos. Has anybody heard of a district in Genoa called,Rearair?This was Barts birthplace listed on his papers,but I as yet cannot find it on any map. Regards,Graeme


From: pmjones
Email: pmj@tesco.net
Subject: Ignatio Alamo
Date: 19 May 2004 11:39:14

Hi, I am looking for an old friend I used to go out with years ago. He was a barber in Bolton. He used to work for Maurice Kobalt Bradshawgate. Opposite Parkers Garage were I used to work.He now has shop 1 Bollings Yard Bolton BL11NT. I know he went back to Italy for a while but he did come back. MAny thanks. Pam


From: pmjones
Email: pmj@tesco.net
Subject: Tereasa? Ogden
Date: 19 May 2004 11:19:52

Hi, Don't know if I am allowed to do this as I am not an Italian,but my aunty as I used to call her Tereasa used to look after me in school holidays and we were great friends.So I hope you can help! I am looking for lost relations related to Tereasa don't know her maiden name,married name Ogden.She was adopted by a sicilian lady.Toranto Italy was were she met and married my cousin Billy Ogden.They have children Edwina,Brian,Doreen,Allen,Dennis, and victor. They lived in Rooservelt Road,Kearsley.Since Tereasa died I have lost touch with the family as they have all moved away from the area.I know Brian is with the Mormon community in America. Does anyone know the whereabouts of the rest of them.Doreen was seen in Bolton. I have posted letters in Newspapers B.E.N.noluck CAN ANYONE HELP!


From: Denise Lynch
Email: dml@lilmore.fsnet.co.uk
Subject: TOBONI'S Genoa
Date: 17 May 2004 15:55:10

PLEASE, WHERE ARE YOU? I have searched every possible web-site and census looking for you!! You all remain elusive. Fredinand Guiseppi Toboni came to England 1895 age 5 with his parents. You have to be there somewhere. Please get in touch.


From: Lisa
Email: omattipoo@aol.com
Subject: Schools for italian kids
Date: 16 May 2004 12:14:48

Hi! I would like to know if there are any organizations in the Manchester area for children of Italians to learn about the Italian culture and how to speak correct Italian. Our children understand Italian but are reluctant to speak it!


From: Renee Chambers
Email: Cstoreyten@hotmail.com
Subject: Decio Anzani
Date: 13 May 2004 05:18:50

I am the daughter of Decio Anzani. I am now 87 years old, but would very much like to hear from relatives of people who knew my father.


From: Anthony Howarth
Email: anthony.howarth1@ntlworld.com
Subject: Meschia/Boggiano
Date: 12 May 2004 17:20:21

Tony, Can you help me with any information about how the Boggiano (Burgons) came to the area. I am researching the origins of my great-grandfather Louis Meschia. The story was that he was an orphan with strong ties in Mezzanego from where his wife Maria Levaggi originated. I believe I have found him in the 1901 census but the name he used then was Louis Boggiano. At that time the business was owned by Harry Gichero and he was married to Louiga Boggiano. I knew there were strong links between our families (Johnny Burgon was godfather to my brother Tim). If anyone can help please e-mail me at the above or write to me at 11 Buscott Drive, Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 1JY. Many thanks Anthony



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