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Message Board - archive 15

From: S Newton
Email: savestmichaels@hotmail.com
Subject: Save St Michaels.
Date: 14 September 2004 15:02:12

Dear Past People of Ancoats.. We are a group of people trying to have our Church St Michaels Ancoats re-opened, the church was closed down, without consultation with the people and just a few weeks notice. We believe St Michaels, belongs to the people of Ancoats and with all the new redevelopment of the area should remain for the future. Each Sunday since the closure we have held a prayer meeting outside at 1100am please come and support us in our endevours to retain our Church... God Bless..


From: Leonard D'Agostino
Email: lendag@sympatico.ca
Subject: Pasquale D'Agostino
Date: 01 September 2004 05:24:53

Congratulations on a great web site. A Pasquale D'Agostino carried a gilded cross in a religious procession in 1890 in Manchester. Does anyone have any genealogy about this man? Which part of Italy did he come from? Do D'Agostinos still live in Manchester?

Ciao, Leonard D'Agostino


From: Richard Scappaticci
Email: rscapp@yahoo.com
Subject: Scappaticci in San Diego
Date: 31 August 2004 23:23:22

Hello all,

My wife and I live in San Diego. My grandparents are from Arpino. Anyone else have the same last name and from Arpino?


From: Nicola Wright
Email: nwright@wedlakebell.com
Subject: Cassinelli
Date: 31 August 2004 15:51:44


I've found your website today and I found it fascinating. I hoped to find my family mentioned as they moved from Genoa to Ancoats around 1860. The family surname was Cassinelli but became Anglocised to Cashinella. I appreciate our family came to England before most of the other Italian families but I wondered if you could add the name to the surname list on your website.


Nicola Wright


From: benj1799
Email: benbeeby@btinternet.com
Subject: COPPOLAs in Ancoats
Date: 23 August 2004 17:28:57

Hello Tony,

Just a note to ask whether you could add the name COPPOLA to the list of family surnames on your web site. My own research shows that there were COPPOLAs in Ancoats from 1876 to at least 1901. They lived in Pump Street for many years, next door to the Granelli family. Anybody quick referencing the family surnames page on your web site would then have an important link to the name Coppola in the Manchester area.

Thanks in anticipation

Trevor Hancocks


From: damien zanetti
Email: bomarina@bellsouth.net
Date: 19 August 2004 13:23:53

PLEASE HELP any but any info on zanetti gusave wife rita son damien please see prior messages


From: angelina kyte(mother ricci)
Email: angie_goldkyte@yahoo.com
Subject: ricci
Date: 17 August 2004 12:00:11

Cioa tutti,my name is angela kyte a singer from manchester known as angie gold. i left manchester 8years ago now to live in tenerife where im now working as a real estate agent for myself. ive just made another cd under the name of princess paragon, not my idea, me record company choice, my mum is maria ricci and id like to say hello or would love to hear from some old friends, iwill be performing in manchester on sunday 29th august outside near sackville street anyone who knows me contact my email number, ciao for now angie gold xx


From: Paul Antonelli
Email: paulb6@bigpond.com.au
Subject: Lanni
Date: 16 August 2004 17:59:50

Looking for decendants of Maria Lanni (my Grand mother) married Antonio Antonelli at Picinisco Italy 26/1/1881. Emigrated to Scotland circa 1890.


From: Angela Myers
Email: cjddnd@descatdvd.fslife.co.uk
Subject: The Crolla Family
Date: 15 August 2004 20:17:04

Has anyone any information of Giovanni Crolla, believed to have come to Ancoats from Picinisco sometime in the late 1800s, any information including members of his family would be welcome. He was my Mother's Grandfather.


From: toni
Email: netnella@libero.it
Subject: Gonnella, Turicchi
Date: 10 August 2004 22:35:18

Hello Tony Rea!

My great grandfather, Giovanni Nicolajo Gonnella, born in Barga, Italy, in 1845 and married to Maria Francesca Turicchi, emigrated to Manchester in approximately 1875. He later moved on to the U.S. Unfortunately, we have lost track of his many brothers and were wondering if someone reading your message board may be a descendant of theirs. We have a picture of Giovanni taken in Manchester along with another fellow which no one in our family can identify.

Thanks a bunch.

Toni Gonnella


From: Rob Basgallop
Email: rob.basgallop@btconnect.com
Subject: Basgallop / Bacigalupo
Date: 08 August 2004 03:58:37

My Great Grandfather was an Italian Bacigalupo from the Liguria region [We think he came from the Chiavari area] He settled in Curry Rivel in Somerset and the name changed to the English version Basgallop just before WW1. I am not aware of any Manchester connection but guess it must be the same family? Does anyone have details of Bacigalupo/i,s leaving for England in 1860s


From: John Campolini
Email: john@campolini.fsnet.co.uk
Subject: Internees in Canada
Date: 05 August 2004 14:40:50

Hi, last year I was able to visit Camp S (43) on St Helens Island, Montreal, where my father was kept prisoner for a number of years during the war. I have copies of the camp register for July 1940 showing all the arrivals from England. I am happy to email these to anyone who requests a copy.


From: Albert Lewis
Email: alb.art@btinternet.com
Subject: Lorenzo
Date: 03 August 2004 18:38:58

I have been trying to trace my family tree and have managed to go back as far as the 1800s, i am from a Fairground/Curcus family, my grandmothers name was Violet Lorenzo, i found my great grandfather on the 1901 census as being Adolphus Lorenzo a traveling showman, i also found some of his brothers who were listed as being "Frederic Lorenzo and Joseph Lorenzo, occupation= acrobats, born= Algiers/British subjects". My great great grandfather was a famous circus performer known as "The Great Lorenzo". I would like to know if anyone has any info on theses names and can tell me where in Italy the name Lorenzo originates. Regards Albert


From: Rosario Penroz
Email: rparis@cable.net.co
Subject: Chiappe
Date: 31 July 2004 03:42:09

Hello.I am traying to search for any Chippe ,relative to Giacomo Chiappe Tarchino,from Genova,Italy. Thanks in advance for any help or advice.


From: Ann Wilson
Email: blueysbus@hotmail.com
Subject: Schiavi
Date: 26 July 2004 15:14:30

Hi Just found your most interesting site. I have been trying to find my GG grandfathers parents in Italy He was Paola Carlos Cicero Schiavi.b 1842.. I then found this site and as I have to soft serve vans here in Australia (strange ) I thought I would say hello. Kind regards Ann


From: Granelli, Doe
Email: newiger@pacbell.net
Subject: Granelli surname
Date: 24 July 2004 21:29:19

My great-grandparents came to Northern California from the Santa Maria Del Taro region on Northen Italy, sometime around 1910. I was told my great-grandfather was a postmaster and his wife was a teacher. They came to America sometime after they retired. They had several sons and at least one daughter, with names begining with A and going to G. Some of the children's names were: Bruno, Camillo (my grandfather), Dario, Elda (daughter), Fabio, & Gino. It was interesting to find information about the Granelli people who settled in England and came from the same region as my family. My immediate and extended family is very small. As far as I know, there are no members with the Granelli surname who are directly related to our group.


From: William Haughton
Email: william.haughton@ntlworld.com
Subject: lost son of ancoats
Date: 22 July 2004 23:04:14

Hello Tony,thank you for your web site,it is very interesting,we were all born in ancoats in grimes square,between 1947to1952 when i was born,we moved to newton heath in 1957,due to demolition,we attended st albans school,i married into the rossi family nee cliffs of haywood,i recently called in to the old st micheals school to see a art showing with my artist friend from london,it brought back very happy memmories of the area,sadly most of the people i knew from ancoats are dead,gladly my mother is still alive at 85 years old.when i return from thailand with my wife some day i will show her where i was born,before it changes beyond reconition. thank you for the memmories i have phoned my sisters to look up your web site,as they are older than me and will remmeber a lot more than me thank you billy h


From: Jerri Lyn Garofalo
Email: jerri@garofalos.org
Subject: Ice-cream & Arcucci
Date: 22 July 2004 14:18:22

My grt grandfather Anthonio Arcucci immagrated from Capri, Italy to this area where he lived and worked and eventually married Isabella Baker. In the early 1900s they moved to America and settled in Chicago where they opened an Ice-cream cone factory. Later they also opened an ice-cream shop. Finding this link has been wonderful. Thanks for helping me to figure out who grandpa Arcucci found the ice cream industry. If anyone has any information of Arcucci's I would love to hear from you. Ciao, Jerri



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