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Message Board - archive 16

From: Deborah Tate
Email: rebbie@blueyonder.co.uk
Subject: Unknown relatives with Hull connection (RICI/RICE)
Date: 23 October 2004 13:49:05

Dear Tony,

I'm unsure if I successfully sent my prior query to you. However, I would be grateful if you could put the information below on the message board of your fascinating website which I stumbled upon when doing a search for Italians who'd settled in HULL and the NORTH EAST. However, I now wonder if you, or anyone reading this, can point me in the right direction for finding information on my following relatives:-

My Grandfather - GIULIANO/JULIAN TOTI - was from Pagani, near Naples (born poss. late1890's). Told he was an orphan, he was raised by his Aunt Teresa. At age 14 he joined the merchant navy, eventually arriving in Hull where he later married my Grandmother who was first generation Italian/English - MARIA RICI/MARY RICE; her parents - LORENZO & GERTRUDE RICI (christian name will need to be confirmed) - emigrated to Hull from Cassino* (1880/90's?).

I think that my Grandmother had four brothers; two of whom were killed in World War I. I would obviously like to know what they they were called, plus the names of the two surviving brothers. I know that there were three sisters: GRACIE RICI/RICE, CLARA RICI/RICE - who moved to Heaton in the North-East, and EMILY RICI/RICE, who married an Italian called Joe - surname may have begun with a 'P'!. I believe that they started an ice cream business in either North or South Shields.

My Grandparents followed on, before starting up on their own ('Julian's Ices') in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. My father - FREDERICK TOTI - was born there in 1922, which is where the majority of my paternal family are. Unfortunately, however, I know nothing about the relatives that remained in Hull, though the name LARRY RICE has been mentioned.

In addition, I'd be grateful if anyone could please let me know where I can look to find copies of birth certificates of those born in Italy? ie: I have no idea what my Great Grandmother's maiden name was. Unfortunately, I do not understand Italian, so any Italian websites that I've been on previoiusly, are lost on me. Lastly, can anyone shed any light on why there was such a mass exodus from around this* particular region?

Thank you for reading this and Congratulations again on your site. I'm glad I 'accidently' discovered it.

Best wishes,



From: Nicky Quinn
Email: nicola.quinn4@ntlworld.com
Subject: Poche
Date: 19 October 2004 22:28:19

Hi,I wonder if you could point me in the right direction on where to start looking for some family from Italy,all I have is our surname...Poche' and we are supposed to be from Genoa how do I start to look? my family lived in canada street in Ancoats Manchester,any small info would be greatly appreciated,kind regards,nicola quinn


From: Geoffrey Robinson
Email: geoff@65chapel.freeserve.co.uk
Subject: Cappeller family
Date: 18 October 2004 20:19:50

Come on, guys I know my family was well known in Ancoats. Angelo Cappeller, he made ice-cream in bulk and sold it to many other families. Butler Street. Ice-cream and drinks parlour. Ancoats. His son Antonio died in Old Mill St.Come on, dig into the old grey matter. Bacigaluppo boys, you must remember him, they were friends of yours. Help me find my roots.


From: peter freeman
Email: peter.freeman@tameside.ac.uk
Subject: jerome caminada
Date: 12 October 2004 08:56:57

where can i find more information on the victorian detective jerome caminada,i am wanting to write a series of plays based on this person can you help.


From: coniola
Email: jennyhrsn@ntlworld.com
Subject: Coniola, Chiappe
Date: 10 October 2004 19:48:57

I am looking for links to trace my grandparents, Celeste Coniola, and his wife Angela or Angiolina Chiappe, born in 1883 and 1885, married in 1904, his father was called Dominic and her father, John


From: Geoffrey Robinson
Email: geoff@65chapel.freeserve.co.uk
Subject: Cappeller
Date: 09 October 2004 10:12:50

Does anyone have any recollection of my grandfather's name - Cappeller ? They were an icecream family with a shop in Butler St, Ancoats. Grandad Antonio became a wheelwright. I am trying to trace our family heritage but so far no success at all. Any help is welcome.


From: Anne Smith
Email: was7uk@ntlworld.com
Subject: Pieri, Falace, Cimino
Date: 30 September 2004 12:21:21

Dear Tony

What a wonderful site!! I love the music and the history and just could not get off it to stop for lunch today. It will definitely be amongst MY favourites! You must have taken a lot of time and effort to create such an informative site but I'm sure it is appreciated by all who are lucky enough to find it.

Unfortunately as far as I know, none of my Italian ancestors lived in Manchester, although I'm sure they had their own communities in London as well. My late mother was a PIERI, family from the north of Italy I believe but have not got back to Italy with them yet as they were in this country and Ireland from early 1800s carving and gilding ceilings. My husband's ancestors also Italian FALACE and CIMINO from the Caserta area.

Thank you, I feel today I have been to Italy myself and it was a great trip! Could feel the Italian love of music and life right here!!

Best wishes to you
Anne Smith

Ipswich, Suffolk


From: Deborah Tate (Toti)
Email: rebbie@blueyonder.co.uk
Subject: 'Rice' was Rizzi
Date: 28 September 2004 17:15:47

I discovered your site when searching info on my Italian Grandfather, Guiliano Toti's, one-time ice cream business in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne ('Julian's Ices'). However, I looked on your list of surnames & noticed 'Rice', which is an Irish name! I know this because my grandmother, Maria Rizzi, whose parents emigrated to Hull from Cassino in the late 1800's, became a Mary Rice, as Rice was mistakenly thought to be an English surname. Unfortunately, I do not know the Hull/Italian side of the family.


From: Collins, Alan
Email: Alan.Collins@DrKW.com
Subject: Margiotta
Date: 23 September 2004 08:45:06

Hi Tony,

Just discovered your website and would like to offer my congratulations - excellent information and very well presented.

I noticed in your 'family surnames' the name Margiotta, but then couldn't find any other reference to it throughout the pages. Did I miss it somewhere ?

My connection to that is that my great grandfather was Joseph 'Scotty' Margiotta who lived in Stratford, East London but I'm trying to trace his route there from Italy.

Alan Collins


From: Marion McManus
Email: marion@mcmanus52.fsnet.co.uk
Subject: Raffo-Family Tree Puzzle
Date: 22 September 2004 17:51:19

My Mother-in-Laws Father was Dominic Raffo his parents on the 1881 Census was John&Catalino Raffo of91 Lever St Occupation Lodginghouse Keeper Manchester. The Puzzle is - on the 1901 census John's Wife is called Virgin Raffo, on Dominics Birth Certificate 1883 his Mothers name is Paulina Virgina. On one of the other childrens Birth certificates John born 1889 his Mothers name is Catherine Pietra. I have checked the BDM index's for a second Marriage with no success. Is any Raffo out there who could help with this please?


From: Edward Kenna
Email: edwardkenna@talk21.com
Subject: "the four brothers" / Crolla
Date: 22 September 2004 15:38:39

Did anybody have any success in locating the origins of the four brothers who were the subject of the article in The Mail newspaper some years ago. I married into the Crolla family some 37 years ago . Ted Kenna


From: Ronald Morgan
Email: ma-rfmorgan@ntlworld.com
Subject: Avo & Greco
Date: 19 September 2004 20:21:14

Please is it at all possible to locate any information of a family who lived in and around Manchester during the early 1900-1920.

The surname in question is Avo Gaetano and family, this was my father in law and my mother in law was surnamed Greco.

Now her farther was on the Arandora Star and I have story to tell as to how he survived the action in the irish sea.

Thanking you in anticipation:

Ronald Morgan


From: lorena
Email: artbop@otenet.gr
Date: 18 September 2004 09:41:09

just want to thank you for your great site...i am not in the u.k. but my family is from settefrati ...i'll be going there next month....

kindest regards-lorena


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