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Message Board - archive 17

From: George Woodworth
Email: george.gw4zag@btinternet.com
Subject: Girilomo Gentili ( Adopted name : Jerome Gentile)
Date: 12 December 2004 14:03:22

I am looking for information on how to find out where my grandfather was born in Italy. He came to the UK about the 1880's, as far as I can gather he was born in Italy about 1867, he lived in Yorkshire, Chester and Shropshire. I can find him on the 1901 UK census when he says he was born in Italy, but there is no reference to his place of birth. All my older family are dead, my sisters know nothing about him. He died in Chester in 1929. There must be some information in the UK which documents him, but I am at a loss where to look. I asked my Grandmother where he was born and she said Pigeonisco we have tried Picinisco in the Frosinone area but no luck. I wonder what shipping port he might have entered in this country , what might have been the reasons for making his way to Yorkshire. Has anyone any ideas where I might look for more information. I should be grateful for any help.

George Woodworth
Tel: 01244 814697


From: L
Email: dastriker9@yahoo.co.uk
Subject: Granelli's-
Date: 03 December 2004 04:11:29

I would just like to share my memories of Grannelli's on Oldham Road. Back in 1978 I used to go into Granelli's on Oldham Road. I was only three but can remember the Granelli family vividly. The 'Dad' used to say he thought I was italian due to my olive skin. My negro dad and white mam lived behind Granelli's in the maisonettes facing the Jersey Lil. Any one remember the kid who fell fom the maisonettes around 78, well that was me. PS Great site well done. Peace.


From: Geoff Robinson
Email: geoff@65chapel.freeserve.co.uk
Subject: Signs of success
Date: 30 November 2004 19:54:46

Hello people, Some while ago - I think the message can still be viewed - I asked if anyone knew anything of the Coppellers. I now know that the spelling of names was a bit flexible in those days. However, with the help of this site I am in touch with a possible distant relative ( or two ) and we are making progress. So, take heart it can happen for you. Thanks to this site. Thank you. Geoff Robinson


From: anne rushton
Email: anne@rushtons.demon.co.uk
Subject: Galzini
Date: 22 November 2004 23:17:51

Are there any Galzini family members out there? Supposedly born in Venice 1829, but no galzini in Italian phone book. Please let me know if you recognise the surname.


From: Amy Bamber
Email: Amyabamber@aol.com
Subject: Biasetti
Date: 22 November 2004 22:12:51

I am trying to find information about an Italian POW named?Vincenzo Biasetti. The name E. Biasetti is listed on the 1938 balance sheet of a society in Ancoats. I think V. Biasetti may have been his son. If so he was interned at Worth Mill camp, Bury during the war. Perhaps he returned home to Manchester or was repatriated in 1945. He had an illegitimate son but wouldn't have known - he was born in October 1945. He is my brother-in-law. He has very 'Italian' looks as do his three sons. These sons (Vincenzo's grandchildren) would love to know more about their missing ancestry. Hence my search. I have very little information to go on. There are no records in the UK of WW2 internees. Can anyone help me please?


From: suzanne
Email: suziebabea1@yahoo.co.uk
Subject: mazzone
Date: 05 November 2004 21:28:00

hi in surfing the net for info on ancestors came across this site... my family mazzones came to england late 1800 may have resided in manchester but did in chester and north/south wales. i know some were mucisians and also icecream tendors...basically would love any info. anything appreciated suzanne


From: Pam Gotts
Email: pam.gotts@tesco.net
Subject: Politi's from 1840
Date: 04 November 2004 09:33:21

MY mother,s family name was Politi and her relatives all lived in the Hulme, Gorton, Moss side area of Manchester from the middle of the 19th century. Does anyone have any information about anyone of that name. Many thanks your website is very interesting- what a great resource.


From: turnbull
Email: turnbull9888@waitrose.com
Subject: Guided walks around Ancoats
Date: 27 October 2004 14:30:53

Do you know who organises these and whether they occur in the Winter Helen


From: pam gotts
Email: pam.gotts@tesco.net
Subject: tracing politi's
Date: 27 October 2004 12:33:15

My mother's family lived in Manchester from about 1850 onwards does anyone knoe of any Politi's living in ancoats, gorton,hulme or salford?Many thanks.


From: John Dunn
Email: johndunn@ntlworld.com
Subject: Sinacola
Date: 23 October 2004 21:13:57

Researching family history. My late mother Francis Dunn is the daughter of Anselmo Sinacola who lived/died at 54 Nelson St Manchester. Does any one have any information on this family. Regards John Dunn


From: Mike Bacarella
Email: ironhandtonti@cs.com
Subject: George Zucco
Date: 23 October 2004 19:41:49

Actor George Zucco was of Italian ancestry, and was born on 11 January 1886 Manchester, England, UK; his credits can be viewed at http://us.imdb.com/name/nm0958345/



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