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Message Board - archive 18

From: Graham Sinagola
Email: graham@sinagola.co.uk
Date: 04 February 2005 17:12:48

Marco Sinacola was my great grandfather. Our family name was changed sometime during the early 1900s. I understand that he arrived from Italy around 1870, and I think that he had a brother named Alessandro. He lived for some time in Bolton, staying with relatives who owned a shop opposite Bolton's Little Theatre. His son, my grandfather, Joseph Simonette Sinagola, was born in Bolton and danced with the Lancashire Lads with Charlie Chaplin. By 1901, the family, with daughters Annie and Mary,lived in George Leigh Street in Ancoats. Marco remarried after his first wife, Ellen Hulme,died, and I believe he had a second family, including a son Mark. Marco died in ?Manchester in around 1940, but was buried in Bolton. I would love to hear from anyone who has further information about the Sinac(g)olas and about the Italians in Bolton, particularly where Marco may be buried. Thank you to Anthony Rea for this fantastic site. We visited the Come Eravamo exhibition with my father, another Joseph Sinagola, in 1987, and purchased the excellent book Manchester's Little Italy.
Graham Sinagola


From: Mark Eason
Email: m.eason1@ntlworld.com
Subject: bersaglieri regiment italy
Date: 04 February 2005 15:20:09

I have been trying to find a web site for the Bersaglieri regt and so far not had any luck, do you know if there is one

many thanks Mark Eason


From: Anthony Mantova
Email: allarts@blueyonder.co.uk
Subject: Mantova Family
Date: 23 January 2005 23:44:14

My Family are the Mantova's. it is beleived that our family is the only family in Britain with this name. Though it is believed that the family may have been called Sagratti di Mantova. Varriations are Sagretti, Sagrotti, Segretti, etc possibly also Serretti and Segatti. Research shows that my great Grandfather was a Picture Framer/Hand Plaster Molder (Paster Moulding by Hand) anbd linked with the Zanetti family. We have found names from between 1800 -1900 not including all present memebers of the family. If any one can help us with our search please contact me at; allarts@blueyonder.co.uk Molto grazie per il timo!


From: Kathleen Fenwick
Email: kath_fenwick@yahoo.com
Subject: Lazzarini's
Date: 19 January 2005 23:25:15

Are there any Lazzarini's out there? If there is please write to me as I am wondering if there is any connection with the name Lazzari. This is still a lovely site Tony, all my relatives love it. Keep up the good work.
Best regards, Kath Fenwick


From: Marie-Louise Claxton
Email: mouse@dccnet.com
Subject: Robino
Date: 10 January 2005 03:16:43

Hi Tony. I was wondering if your Mom and Dad were Rose and Tony. If so, they were friends of my parents, Bill and Mabel Henry. I remember visitng them as a child before we moved to Canada. I visited them in 1972. My Dad's mom was Lena Henry (nee Robino) I think your Dad had an ice-cream business. Was your granddad Marco? I am quite proud of my Italian heritage, even if it is only 1/4. My Dad new a lot of people in Little Italy at one time. What a wonderful web-site.

Yours Truly Marie-Louise Claxton(nee Henry)


From: Gary Cassinelli
Email: gary@cassinellis.com
Subject: Cassinelli Family
Date: 11 January 2005 22:24:10

We have been researching the Cassinelli family for the last few years and the information we have gathered can be found at www.cassinellis.com.

We decend from Antonio Cassinelli who came from Genoa to Sheffield in the 1840's. Antono is the brother of Maria Cassinelli who married Louis Rocca and lived in Ancoats. Maria is mentioned on your website under the Italian Ice Cream Sellers. If anyone has any further information on people who fit into our family tree we would love to hear from you. We would really love to know more about Maria and Antonio's father (Joseph) who lived in Chavari in Italy and any information about who their mother was. Maria and Antonio had (we believe) 2 other brothers - Angelo and Michael one of whome may have settle in Peru.

Regards Gary Cassinelli


From: Marco De Michiel
Email: marco.demichiel@btinternet.com
Subject: Girolami, Tramontin, Neiri
Date: 07 January 2005 00:10:34

I hope you don't mind but the name Gerolami is wrong; it should be Girolami.

I follow your site with great interest as I have many happy memories of Manchester in that my wife, Angela Girolami, grew up in Ancoats; her father was Evandro and her mother was Mary (nee Rossi). I will try to get her and/or her brother, Italico - Heald Grn - to record their memories.

Then there's Diomede Neiri (deceased) who married my Mum's first cousin, Angela nee Tramontin. He operated a 'ceramics' business and sold all his products across an area from Birmingham to Scotland. He was from Toscana and spoke the most beautiful Italian; Angela was from the Friuli. They had two sons, Peter and Robbie(deceased 1986). Peter still lives in Didsbury.

Mede (as he was called) was interned on the Isle of Man; which is where my father, Aldo, also happended to be, with his brother, Peter. You could say they were the lucky one's, unlike my mum's brother, Marco Maddalena, who went down with the Arandora Star. Having taken his wife and two children back to the Friuli, for their safety. Sensing that Mussolini would enter the War he decided to return to London, rather than face service in the Italian Army. I think he was alone, in the family flat, in London's little Italy, Clerkenwell, when the 'knock on the door came one night. I believe he was classified as catagory B; which is ridiculous. If you're interested I'll write some more.



From: Ros
Email: rafnson@tesco.net
Subject: re Spinetto family
Date: 04 January 2005 15:55:12

I am researching my mother's family. Her grandmother was Elizabeth Spinetto. I have found Elizabeth's father and older siblings in the Market Street area of Manchester. Michael Spinetto with wife Mary and children Joseph, Dominick and Rosanna. Joseph later opened a well known jewellers shop in Rochdale. I would be interested in any links.


From: Pete Johnson
Email: nicola.johnson17@virgin.net
Subject: Tiani Family
Date: 03 January 2005 16:40:20

What a brilliant site Tony - Thank you I have enjoyed every section.

My Great Grand Parents were Orazio and Mariantonia (nee Colaluca) Tiani who originally settled in Stratford in East London in the 1880's/90's. They were believed to be from the Teano/Casino/Caserta areas where their respective Fathers Creszenzo (Tiani) and Raffaelo (Colaluca) were said to be farmers.

Orazio's cousin Carlo Tiani settled in the Bath area.

I wonder whether anyone reading this recognises any connections with their own family - if so I'd love to hear from you.

Best Wishes & Happy New Year.



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