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Message Board - archive 19

From: mike cawley
Email: mg.cawley@ntlworld.com
Subject: viola rose mancini
Date: 19 March 2005 22:37:51

trying to trace family of viola who was my wife's grandmother. Had a daughter dorothy may in 1931 in Chadderton. Dorothy was adopted. Can anyone help please?


From: john faill
Email: john@faill.freeserve.co.uk
Subject: british arpinos
Date: 18 March 2005 19:25:12

Dear Tony,

I have been trying to research my family tree for the last few years, and have got nowhere.  Prior to my fathers death in 2001 he told me a story of my great-grandfather and that we came from a village named Arpino in Italy The story goes that my great-grandfather immigrated with his brother to England in 1889 his name was given as Nicholas Arpino but my father believed that our name may have been Rea, as when they arrived could not speak English, thus giving the village name of Arpino rather than surname. My father never went to Italy believing that Nicholas and brother could have fled for some reason, since coming here Nicholas married twice his first marriage we don't know who to. But his second to Elizabeth Saunders or Sanders in 1903  they had 7 children  Louis, Earnest, Nellie, Fred, Albert, Walter and Violet. 

I know you probably wont be able to help me but I enjoyed reading your website.


Janis Arpino.


From: Carole Cawley
Email: mg.cawley@ntlworld.com
Subject: Viola Rose Mancini
Date: 15 March 2005 23:09:33

I am trying to trace the family of my maternal grandmother Viola. All I know is that in 1931 she gave birth to my mother, Dorothy May in Boundary Park Hospital, Oldham. At the time she lived in a living van off Block Lane in Chadderton. All this info is from my mother's birth cert. Mum was adopted and no more was heard of Viola. Can anyone help please ?



From: Mr Anthony Tuzio
Email: tuzten@blueyonder.co.uk
Subject: re ancestry
Date: 15 March 2005 06:19:46

Dear Tony,My name is Tony Tuzio from Billinge, nr Wigan. Browsing the web and came by your site. your notice board makes for good reading. I don't think any of  my ancestry arrived in Manchester, mainly in Liverpool and I suspect Coventry. I have probably got all the info from Liverpool but can't seem to get any feed back from Coventry.My great grandfather Angelo Antonio Tuzio was born in SORA 15/08/1825, then moved to PICINISCO and married my great grandmother Maria Teresa Gizzi 17/02/1859.Had my grandfather Lorenzo Tuzio 22/02/1862. Don't know when Lorenzo actually left PICINISCO but my records show that he was in Liverpool before 1896 when he married my grandmother Maria Teresa Verrecchia.I was wandering if with the help of your expertise you could help me find out where my grandmother came from?? She was born 19/06/1871 and died in liverpool 02/01/1941 but her bithplace evades me. Her father was Dominico Antonio Verrecchia. I purchased 'Little Italy' Liverpool version, very interesting. hope you don't think this request to presumptious of me. I hope to visit Picinisco in a couple of months for the first time. Would love to have my tree more advanced.Hope you can help. thanking you in anticipation. God Bless TONY


From: Claire Valentine
Email: panperoxide@hotmail.com
Subject: Ancoats Surnames
Date: 14 March 2005 16:24:13

Mr Rea,

I have an addition to the surname list on the excellent "Ancoats Little Italy" site - the site and your book have given me an understanding of where I have come from, as well as a flavour of the past.  You have even included a photograph of my great grandfather's sister, Pepina Patriarco, who I had never seen before!  Truly a treasure trove.

Back to my contribution - I have seen my family, the Amatas listed, as well as the Patriarcos, the di Coccos, and the Vittis, to whom I am distantly related.  One name I know of which does not appear to be there is Coppola.

My great great grandfather, Michele Coppola came over from Picinisco in the 1880s, leaving his wife, Maria (nee Ficorilli) and two young daughters (Angelina and Domenica) behind in Italy.  Once Michele had established himself (he was an ice cream seller, like so many), he sent for his family.  Four more daughters were born to the Coppolas, with 2 of the English born, Nunziata and Mary, surviving into adulthood.

Angelina married Domenico di Cocco, who was sadly a victim of the "Arandora Star"
Domenica married Giovanni Vitti
Nunziata married Michele Amato/Amata (brother of Giovanni and Pepina)
Mary married Oliver Chapman.

My father is Michele and Nunziata Amata's grandson, with his mother being their eldest surviving child, Maria Addolorata.

As the Coppola children were all girls, the name (at least from our branch of the family) has faded.

Once again - I think that it is fantastic that you have managed to present the history of the Italians in Manchester so comprehensively, and I do hope that Little Italy can be revived as an area.

Best regards

Claire Valentine


From: Mark Cashinella
Email: mark.cashinella@uk.abnamro.com
Subject: Cashinella family
Date: 10 March 2005 11:45:15

Hi all, I'm currently investigating the origins of my family. I believe the original surname was cassinelli before they moved to England. I'm from Australia and my Dad was born in Manchester. Would greatly appreciate help from anyone. Cheers, Mark


From: Anthony Antonelli
Email: anth0756@yahoo.com
Subject: Antonelli Family
Date: 27 February 2005 23:22:01

I'm trying to find out more about my famliy - the Antonelli's. While on your site I noticed that a gentleman named Domenico Antonelli is listed and was originally from Fresinone. My family is also from that area. The only name I have is Egisto Antonelli, and he would probably have been born circa 1900. Does anyone recognize any of these names?


From: R.Crolla
Email: ro@sapporoteppanyaki.com
Subject: Crollas in Manchester
Date: 25 February 2005 17:16:36

Many years ago I remember my father purchasing a directory of all the Crollas in the world and their history called the CROLLALANZA directory, which incidently appears to be the Italian translation of Shakespeare. I remember that in this book, there were hundreds and hundreds of Crollas in the Manchester area. I, up until that time was unaware that there were so many Crollas outwith Scotland, where I live. I have researched extensively the history of our name and return every year to Picinisco and Fontitune, our hometown in Italy. I would be grateful to hear from any Crollas in Liverpool or Manchester or indeed anywhere in England to further the knowledge of the family history. I would also be grateful to anyone who knows where I could get a hold of a copy of the Crollalanza directory. R.Crolla


From: Ginny Luck
Email: ginnyaluck@tiscali.co.uk
Subject: Tedesco family
Date: 23 February 2005 17:54:14

I have been trying to trace the Italian side of my family tree who emigrated to England from Sant Elia Fiumerapido (near Cassino) at the end of the 1890's. Their names were Angelo Tedesco & Rosa D'Agostino. They had 1 child Joe, Joseph or John born in Italy in 1906 but the others were all born in England but unfortunately most of their births were not registered. There is a rumour that Angelo taught music to a family of Italians that lived in a large house near Manchester and that this family had something to do with the wine trade. If anyone can help in any way please contact me. Also they may of lived in Hawes, Yorkshire for a while before moving to Lancaster. Thankyou.


From: Janet Macfarlane
Email: p.macfarlane@btopenworld.com
Subject: Raffo
Date: 20 February 2005 12:31:11

I have just found this site and was delighted to read about Giovanni Raffo - my great uncle! I would love to hear from anyone who can add more to his facinating story. I met some members of the Raffo family last month and was so proud to be a part of them. I was told they owned quite a few pubs in the Ancoats area and that music and singing was a vital part of family life. How I would love to travel back in time and expereince it for real.


From: Rosita Trovarelli
Email: rtrova@bigpond.com.au
Subject: Trovarelli, Boggiano (Burgon), Bacigalupo
Date: 13 February 2005 07:52:35

Ciao Tony, I have just discovered your Website, what a fantastic job you have done. My Gradad was an ice-cream man, his name was Louis Marre, he lived in Oldham. My mother's name is Hilda, she had one sister and one brother their name's were Annie and John, my Grandma's name was Rosa she was a Boggiano (Burgon) before she was married. My Grandparents came from Chiavari, they both had brothers and sisters living in Ancoats. My Grandad's brother Carlo died on the Andora Star. I remember the Italian Dances on Shrove Tuesday,even though at that time I was only a little girl. I also remember attending the wedding of Joe Burgon and his wife Connie at Cheetham Hill Town Hall, once again I very young and was in awe at the number of people attending, it has always stayed in my memory. We all used to help out in our familiy ice-cream business in Oldham, and how you describe the making of the ice-cream was spot on. I remember my Grandma on the hot days in the workshop working near the boiler, it must have been very hard for them. My Gradad's best friend was Mr. John Bacigalupo snr. once again I have many memories of the times we visited his house and sampled his home made ravioli (what a great man he was) and so sad to have died in an accident if I remember correctly driving his ice-cream cart. I have been living in Australia for the past 40 years, my mother who is now 87 still recalls the good old days and often tells us stories. My children Dino, Roberto and Louisa were also delighted to see the family name in the surnames and also their greatgrandfather and great uncles names on the balance sheets of the MIA. I know there are still many of my mother's cousins living in Manchester and Hyde I would like to say "ciao tutti", My cousin John Marre is now researching our family tree, anyone having any information on our family could you please send me an e-mail. Grazie tanto Tony, Buona fortuna per il futoro. Arrivederci d'Australia. Rita Trovarelli.


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