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Message Board - archive 20

From: Ann Wilson
Email: blueysbus@hotmail.com.au
Subject: Icecream in Australia
Date: 08 May 2005 13:26:56

Hi everyone I live in Perth our family has had Mr Whippy vans for 30 odd years. I have two vans at the moment. one is a 1953 Commer van originally from the UK the other is a transit van. I would just like to ask if any of the Schiavi know any thing about a Paola Carlos Cicero Schiavi whowas born in 1842 in Santa Maria di ariano. thanks regards to all.


From: vivian pollard
Email: vladybandit1@bigpond.com
Subject: ice cream in Salford
Date: 08 May 2005 07:06:11

Hello Tony,

I have just found your site & loved it, I now live in Australia. I was born in Salford, & wonder if you could help me with a very fond memory that I have.. Every Sunday Joe the ice cream man would come into our street, he had a lovely painted cart & I think that it was a piebald horse, we must have been on the end of his round about tea time, anyway he would then go to the Broughton hotel, put the nose bag on the horse while he enjoyed the hospitality, at the end of the night they would help Joe into the cart & the horse would take him home.

Would you have any idea who he may have been, I think this would have been around 1953-54. I would love to find out a little more about joe. Thanks for reading this, & any info at all would help.

Best & warmest regards
Viv Pollard ( nee Perry of Wally street)


From: Paula Ewen
Email: paulaewen@btinternet.com
Subject: Assenti Family
Date: 07 May 2005 16:28:27

Hi Tony, What a fabulous sitet you have created. It is so interesting and so encouraging to see so much detailed history. My family it seems, also had it's UK beginnings in the world of ice cream but, in Hull.Your sight has given me my first insight into what life must have been like for them in the 1890's. I know very little of their humble beginnings but now have a better idea of how things might have been for them. My grandfathers name was Fiero Assenti. It is quite an uncommon name in the UK and I think that even now there is only one Assenti family here. If you know of this name from your archives I would be thrilled to here from you.I have compiled a history of his family since his arival in our country but have very little with which to "flesh it out"- however it may be of interest to you or others using your site.
Kind regards Paula Ewen


From: Mike Carnevale
Email: sono@blueyonder.co.uk
Subject: De Marco's from Picinisco
Date: 04 May 2005 20:16:05

I came across the "Ancoats Little Italy site" more by good luck, as I am researching my family history. My Grandfather Francesco Carnevale came from Pico, but my Grandmother Angela Rosa De Marco born 2nd August 1886 came from Picinisco, her parents were Father Antonino De Marco, Mother Nuntiata De Marco nee Pesce. Their children were Nicholas. Amelia. Selina. Ursula. Angela Rosa. Julia. I know that Nicholas lived in Glasgow in 1904, if anyone is able to give me any information on any of the above, I would be extremily grateful.
Mike Carnevale.(Grandson)


From: Jill Lanni
Email: jill.lannie-jones@virgin.net
Subject: re: Lanni Family
Date: 30 April 2005 21:59:27

My paternal grandfather's name was Antony Lanni, he came to little Italy From Picinisco around 1880, he married Sara Ann Mead in 1900 and they lived in Ancoats, they had 7 children, Rosalina, Tony,Joe,Bill,Beattie,Ethel and Albert, Sara Ann died in the early 1920's, Antony had a sister named Marianna Santelli(she lived in Islington and a brother Peter who we think went to America ( have some photos) Antoni worked for Suttons as a Lorry driver as did his other 2 sons Joe and Bill he died in 1948, we have very little info about Antoni, all we know is his Father was named Carl Lanni and he had a barbers shop in Picinisco and he died in 1913,there is little other information, If there is anybody that can help, we would love to hear, Jill & Sue Lanni


From: Raymond Pandolfi
Email: Raypandolfi@fsmail.net
Subject: Pandolfi Family
Date: 25 April 2005 12:28:58

Dear Sir,
I am trying to trace my family background. My Father's name is Dominic Pandolfi, born Ancoats Manchester 1901. He had sisters called Annie and Mimi and a Brother called Joe. His family came from Italy at the turn of the century. If you have any information of where my family came from in Italy I would be very grateful. You can contact me at the E mail Address above.


From: patty scheuerman
Email: patty568@yahoo.com
Subject: Arpino, Italy
Date: 13 April 2005 23:30:44

Hi Tony, I was just searching the city of Arpino and found your site.. My grandmother and grandfather raised there family of 7 in Arpino.. My mom was nine when they came to the US.. My Aunt Loretta, my mom's sister married a Rea in Arpino before they came to the US.. It was interesting to read about the Reas on your site.. My Mom is 74 yrs old and remembers some of her childhood there..The lived on the side of a hill in a barn.. The animals underneath them and a wood stove in the corner up above the animals.. I hope to go there someday.. My Mom has no interest in going back.. Infact her sister Loretta who is 89 now moved back there yrs ago.. She is still living there with her daughter and her children.. Anyway, just wanted to say HI and thanks for the site.. Patty


From: Geoffrey Robinson
Email: geoff@65chapel.freeserve.co.uk
Subject: Copola / Copela
Date: 08 April 2005 18:37:04

Dear Friends, Last October I asked on this site for any info on the Cappeller family. Trevor Hancocks responded and has helped me to find that the real name was Copola / Copela. Does anyone remember or have parents who might remember Philip and Angelina Copola who lived until 1946/7 and until 1925 made and sold ice- cream in Butler St. in Ancoats. Mine has been a success story through this site. I wish you success too.
Geoff Robinson.


From: Agostino De Marco
Email: agostino_demarco@blueyonder.co.uk
Subject: De Marco family site
Date: 05 April 2005 18:01:51

Hi Antony Rea I found your site very interesting and informative, such a wealth of detail!

I have made a small website at http://www.voluta.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ which may interest you. It's about my family and their relations all who came from Picinisco but maintained their links with that place.

Agostino De Marco


From: peter mcpartland
Email: Peter@pmcpartland.freeserve.co.uk
Subject: congratulations
Date: 01 April 2005 19:34:01

just a note to say how much I enjoyed reading your web site.

I was born a raised in manchester ,leaving to live in london in the 1970s.Your site reminded me of my father and the stories he told of people he knew from 'little Italy'.Well done.it'so important to document so may personal memories.


From: mike cawley
Email: mg.cawley@ntlworld.com
Subject: viola rose mancini
Date: 24 March 2005 23:09:45

Now discovered that viola died in chadderton in 1935. Does this help anyone connect please ?


From: Bernadette Marron
Email: Bernadette.Marron@bbc.co.uk
Subject: Loving Memories
Date: 20 March 2005 23:30:49

I would just like to say how much I've enjoyed looking at the website. My family name was Salvatore and sadly my mother and auntie have died in the last ocuple of years. My sisters and I were brought up listening to their tales of Little Italy (Ancoats) and reading all about it has made me feel closer to them.

Thank you so much.



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