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Message Board - archive 22

From: Karen Messer
Email: kazie69@aol.com
Subject: Crolla Family
Date: 28 July 2005 19:05:20

This is a wonderful website and has given me much insight into the lives of old. I am a descendant of Geatano Peter Crolla. His parents Antonio & Felic came over in 1880, 1881 census @ 9 Lees St, Ancoats, bringing with them their family - Vittorio, Eugenio, Geraldo, Marie, Johanna and Geatano. After 4 yrs laying dormant, I decided to pick up the scent again and after only a month, I have been able to obtain the family tree's of the 3 brothers to Geatano and now branching out on Johanna. It would be lovely to hear from anyone associated with the Crolla family, and I am hoping your website may shed some light on the apparent "Family Arguement" that split the Crolla brothers, 2 are believed to have gone to Scotland. Unfortunately the Mother "Felic Crolla" was responsible for passing down a faulty gene which has wreaked havoc for 5 generations. I haven't been to Italy, nor have I have been brought up within the Italian community but I do find it very interesting to read about their lives over the years. Great reading - Great website.



From: Julia Lovell
Email: jl.lovell@btinternet.com
Subject: Camozzi
Date: 23 July 2005 23:20:01

Hi Tony
It's a while since I was in contact with you, when I was trying to find out information about my grandfather, Cesare Camozzi, who died on the Arandora Star, and any remaining family members. Thanks to this wonderful site, and the internet in general, I made contact with a second cousin. Since then a newspaper in Italy took up the story, and then wrote an article over there, resulting in possible family members getting in touch. Without your help this would not have happened - thanks so much. If any one has any memories of the Camozzis - or of the Arch Cafe, or the Monogram Cafe please get in touch Julia


From: Donna Mathews
Email: donnamathews2005@yahoo.com
Subject: Rea family
Date: 23 July 2005 18:06:11

I was wondering if you could help me trace my family tree. My great,great, grandfather was Santo Rea b.1858? he married Dominica b. 1862? , they came from Appiano, Italy. They had 5 children, Carlos, Frosinone, Angelina, Philomena & Katherine. Philomena was my great grandmother. She married Charles Fredrick Shucksmith b.1911 d.1980. lived in Navenby, lincs. there children were:-ron, linda, adrian, joesephine, jenny, rene, beryl, lenard, rita, dennis, kenneth, charles shucksmith, kethleen (aka babs) & chritine (aka Tet) Rea. My grandmother was katheleen she married john blackbird & had 5 children. there son John was my father. If any of this sounds familiar please feel free to im me or email me.


From: Mary Atkinson
Email: mary_atkinson@onetel.com
Subject: Forte
Date: 25 June 2005 14:36:57

Dear Mr Rea

I am looking for information on the Forte family. My Father Achille Capocci said he came over to this country in 1911 on a boat with, if I remember rightly, Rocco Forte.

Do you know where Rocco disembarked? I have a feeling it was Scotland and wondered if they both landed there. I'm trying to get a picture of my fathers life when he first came over to this country. I always thought he came to London but I may be wrong, he could have disembarked anywhere. All I know is he mentioned coming over with a Forte and they became friends

I hope you have more information on the Forte family especially the one who came to the British Isles in 1911.

I look forward to your reply,

Kind regards
Mary Atkinson


From: lise grigsby
Email: lise_1_us@yahoo.com
Subject: reale
Date: 09 July 2005 11:21:25

I found your web site great. I'm a Reale as far as I know, my family is from Sicily, I'm third generation in the country, now in Fla. we did live in Md. All males in my line were named Anthony, and as far as I know I was the first girl in 100 years. Thank you even if I don't hear anything back from you I loved your site.

Thank you,
Lise Grigsby


From: Tom Iafrate
Email: taiafrat@comcast.net
Subject: Rea family history
Date: 01 July 2005 03:54:05


My name is Tom Iafrate and I live in the United States. I just discovered your website and was very impressed with the work you have done. My family are descendents of Marco and Domenica Rea. My cousins and I began assembling a family tree a few years back. The only information we have is:

Domenica was born in July. Marco and Domenica had a daughter, Victoria, who was born May 5, 1850 in Arpino and died November 20, 1934.

Victoria married Giovanni Iafrate, who was born in 1850. Their son, Domenic Iafrate was born May 25, 1889 in Arpino. He died in the United States on July 12, 1952. Dominic was my grandfather.

My wife and I toured Arpino and the home of my grandparents, Settefrati (approx. 30km East of Arpino), in 2001. I have some photographs of the area, which I can forward.

Please feel free to use this small amount of information. Do you have any information which may link our ancestors?

Tom Iafrate


From: paul marshall
Email: marshalldttydt@aol.com
Subject: Visco
Date: 25 June 2005 10:33:15

Dear Anthony Rea I am mailing you to thank you for producing such fascinating books and this great website, it has really helped me in researching my family history. Strangely enough you are a distant relative of mine, I've spotted that in your book 'Memories of Italian Colony of Ancoats' you wrote about your uncle Jess Visco, he is also my great uncle and my great-grandfather is Carlo Visco. but Ihave the not so Italian second name of Marshall because Susan Visco my granma married Samual Marshall, they had Bernard, John, and Lou as sons and i am Bernard Marshall's son, anyway Iam thankfull for your fantastic information .

Yours faithfully
Paul Marshall


From: Alessandro Bertani
Email: alessandro.bertani@aliceposta.it
Subject: Richiesta di indicazioni
Date: 11 June 2005 16:16:56

Ho 57 anni e, a fine ottobre, sarò in pensione. Il mio obiettivo sarebbe quello di poter trascorrere circa un anno in Inghilterra al fine di perfezionare il mio inglese che, per il momento, è piuttosto elementare. Per far questo sarei alla ricerca di un lavoro qualsiasi che mi consentisse di mantenermi durante quasto mio soggiorno inglese. Non ha importanza il tipo di lavoro: qualsiasi lavoro - purchè lo possa fisicamente fare- per me andrebbe benissimo. La retribuzione, anche molto modesta, andrebbe comunque benissimo. A me basta mantenermi e poter studiare un po'. Ringrazio sentitamente chi vorrà fornirmi qualche indicazione in merito.

Alessandro Bertani alessandro.bertani@aliceposta.it

Via Monte Sei Busi, 21 34074 Monfalcone (Gorizia)


From: thomas salveta
Email: salveta@hotmail.com
Subject: Surname SALVETA
Date: 06 June 2005 05:37:30


My name is Thomas Salveta. First I got to say GREAT website. I am trying to find out what my family crest is. I found my name on your website and was wondering if you could help of direct me in any way to find the crest. You have a lot of great history on your site. Thanks a lot and any help is greatly appriciated.



From: Raymond Pandolfi
Email: Raypandolfi@fsmail.net
Subject: Pandolfi Family
Date: 02 June 2005 12:47:23

Dear Sir,

I am trying to trace my family background . My Farther name is Dominic Pandolfi Born Ancoat Manchester 1901. He had sisters called Annie and Mimi and a Brother called Joe. His family came form Italy at the turn of the century. If you have any information of where my family came from in Italy I would be very grateful. You can contact me at the E mail Address above.

Ray Pandolfi



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