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Message Board - archive 24

From: Valerio Cardinale
Email: info@centro-ffm.de
Subject: Cooperazione
Date: 13 October 2005 13:12:39

Siamo una scuola d'italiano a Fermo nelle Marche e a Francoforte in Germania. Siete disposti a mettere un link su di noi nelle vostre pagine web?
Grazie per un riscontro email.
Valerio Cardinale


From: Catherine
Email: cbshaw1@blueyonder.co.uk
Subject: Family History - McIver
Date: 08 October 2005 20:14:00

I have a marriage certificate for Robert McIver and Margaret Foy, dated 25 Aug 1879. They were married 'at the Parish Church of St. Michael's, Manchester in the Registration District Chorlton.' Their known addresses are Charter Street and Cable Street. Does this site refer to the same Church? Are these streets in the vicinity? Any info is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


From: Janet
Subject: Ferarie
Date: 07 October 2005 12:58:09

I am looking for the family of David Ferarie who was married to a McCandless, they had a young son and lived in Rothesay, Scotland. before returning to La Spetsia Italy.
Not sure of the Italian Spellings, sorry.
It's a long shot i know but one never knows.
Thank you Janet


From: Matthew Rea-Rankin
Email: Matthew@rankingroup.co.nz
Subject: Rea
Date: 05 October 2005 23:42:32

Tony It was great to discover your website, -and puts in place a little piece of the jigsaw for me.
My Great Grandfather left Ireland for New Zealand in 1911. In 1997 I went and stayed with Irish relatives in Tipperary who commented on my brown eyes, -and alluded to a Spanish influence and the Armada, -something I had not heard about before.
So your notes explaining these are of much interest.
Well done on your site, -it is both informative and entertaining!
Matthew Rea-Rankin

From: angela chriscoli
Email: ange.chriscoli@ntlworld.com
Subject: chriscoli family
Date: 03 October 2005 19:36:36

I'm researching the Chriscoli and Ballarini families of Gun St and Jersey St round about 1900+ As did everybody else they had barrel organs and sold ice cream. The Chriscolis came to Warrington. Laura ballarini died about 1928.


From: rita quaglieni
Email: j.maas21@chello.nl
Subject: quaglieni family
Date: 01 October 2005 21:05:27

I've been in Brescia this summer to find out more about my family. I came as far as 1771 BUT my ggg grandfather wasn't born in Brescia and now i'm stuck! Can you give me some tips to go on??
Many thanks,
Rita Quaglieni


From: Karen Messer
Email: kazie69@aol.com
Subject: Crolla Family Update
Date: 30 September 2005 17:40:43

Many thanks to this wonderful website. Not only does it give interesting reading but has been very useful in my search to complete the Crolla Family Tree. I have been successful in the search of my ancestor (Geatano Peter Crolla) sisters - Maria (Mary) and Johanna (Giovanna). I am once again requesting the help of fellow readers. The family tree of Geatano's brother Gerardo (or Geraldo) is full of different surnames but of no further information. Extending down from Gerardo Crolla (he married Mary and had 9 children) The surnames are as follows. Henshaw to Powell to Campbell & Agnew(1900 - 1990) Norlanda (1910 - ??) Emsley to Synder & Wetherby (1905 - 1970) Reagan (1910 - ??) McCluskey, Jones to Crow & Whittle & Henshall-Jones. Rogan to Bloomfield (1920 - ??) and Sadd. If any of these surnames link back to Geraldo Crolla - 1 of the 4 brothers - then please contact me. It would be lovely to hear from any other Crolla's. Since my original message, I may have found ! out which Crolla went to Scotland and when.
Regards. Karen Messer


From: John Carden
Email: john.carden@wanadoo.fr
Subject: Valente Family
Date: 13 September 2005 09:57:59

My mother was called Palma Valente after her grandmother, my gandad was called johnnie Valente he was a excellent piano player his family lived in LMittle Italy.All myfamily are dead can anyone help with infomation about the following people: Dominico Valente,Rosa Valente,my Gt Gt Grandparents. Antonio Valente,Palma Valente, all I know is they had a pub& a organ repaire shop on Thompson St.
Thank you


From: Gwen Roberts
Email: graemerr@bigpond.net.au
Subject: brucciani
Date: 12 September 2005 01:35:35

I am looking for Giovanni Brucciannis family ,he had a daughter Maria Angelina born about 1824 Florence. She went to England and died in Australia. Or if any one has any info on any Brucciani please to recieve it .
Kind Regards
Gwen Roberts


From: Donna Mathews
Email: donnamathews2005@yahoo.com
Subject: Rea, Shucksmith
Date: 11 September 2005 17:54:26

Dear Sir
I was wondering if you could help me trace my family tree. My great,great, grandfather was Santo Rea b.1858? he married Dominica b. 1862? , they came from Appiano, Italy. They had 5 children, Carlos, Antonio, Angelina, Philomena & Katherine. Philomena was my great grandmother. She married Charles Fredrick Shucksmith b.1911 d.1980. lived in Navenby, lincs. there children were:-ron, linda, adrian, joesephine, jenny, rene, beryl, lenard, rita, dennis, kenneth, charles shucksmith, kethleen (aka babs) & chritine (aka Tet) Rea. My grandmother was katheleen she married john blackbird & had 5 children. there son John was my father.

Does any of this sound familiar? Or would you possibly know what passenger ship they may of come over on?

Any help would be most appreciated


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