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Message Board - archive 25

From: zara phillips
Email: zaramusic@aol.com
Subject: VICTOR
Date: 24 November 2005 18:00:21

I am looking for a man named victor(vittorio) he worked and lived in london in 1963,64 and would be about 62 years old now. he frequented 'les enfants des terribles' on wardour street soho and lived in victoria (london) above a shop. he also worked as a waiter in the piccadilly area. it is believed that some of his family are in manchester. if this sounds familiar please contact ,www.zaramusic@aol.com thankyou


From: john aldred
Email: aldredjohn@hotmail.co.uk
Subject: mary sinacola
Date: 20 November 2005 16:38:01

for graham sinagola hi my name is john son of mary sinacola please email me thanks


From: Marie Bernadine Belli
Email: mariebbelli@yahoo.com
Subject: Website
Date: 19 November 2005 20:33:53

Hi, I am starting a website for the family tree of my dad Rocco Belli,he had sisters named, Bernadine,Lucy,and Vera plus others whos names escape me, and brothers Gerald,and Norman, just two whose names i remember his dad was called Nazarene Belli, and his mum Rosa (maiden name Saragossa) if anybody remembers them or has any stories about them please visit the site at www.pladda.com/belli. My dad sold ice-cream from his horse and cart, I have been told that my grandad ran a small shop which was attached to his house at Broughton Lane Salford. Please visit the site still in its early stages, and leave your memories /stories. Thankyou to you all, Kind Regards, Marie Bernadine Belli


From: Annunziata Videtta
Email: A.Videtta@warwick.ac.uk
Subject: Anglo-Italian Literature
Date: 03 November 2005 16:08:07

Hello! I am currently a PhD student at the University of Warwick and am researching the writings of Italian emigrants in Britain - Anglo-Italian literature. If anyone knows of any titles they could suggest which could help with my research then I would love to hear from you! Best wishes, Annunziata Videtta


From: Domenico Crolla
Subject: 'Lost Souls '
Date: 01 November 2005 13:24:05

I found this website whilst searching for Crollas .I read the message boards with tears in my eyes at all the 'lost souls 'out there looking for their past . Italians should get together not only for the past but more importantly -our future ! Domenico Crolla /Glasgow


From: Domenico Crolla
Subject: Tony Crolla from Machester wanted
Date: 01 November 2005 12:46:14

A Mr.Tony Crolla purchased a DVLA personalized registration number- C120LLA .I would like to speak to him. I know only that he is from Manchester . Can anyone help ? Grazie ,Domenico Crolla


From: hazel acton
Email: hazel.acton@hotmail.co.uk
Subject: ancoats
Date: 27 October 2005 13:56:26

i'm researching my family tree i was born in ancoats not of italian blood but i think irish its wonderful to see that you have taken so much time and effort in remembering your ancestors its lovely well done my family lived in ancoats for quite a while i can still remember living with my grandparents blackleading the stove whitening the door step playing on bomb sites keep up the good work


From: Angela Evans
Email: angela2000@postmaster.co.uk
Subject: Re Ricci
Date: 26 October 2005 21:35:46

My grand father was called Micheal Angelo Ricci how can I find out what part of Italy he came from and when. Thank you. A.Evans


From: sandra small
Email: sandy.small@virgin .net
Subject: Pacitti/Corio Picinisco
Date: 26 October 2005 16:12:07

great grandfather domenico pacitti born 1876 in picinisco (parents names giovanni pacitti and madalina Andrucci)MARRIED IN PICINISCO IN 1901 rosa corio born 1877 in picinisco (parents antonio corio and madalina mancini) came to newcastle upon tyne approx 1900 WHY? they settled in gateshead owning their own ice cream shop and had 7 children all but one were girls. sadly my granmother is the only one left alive. i have recently visited picinisco which is a very beautiful place but due to time limits and bus timetables was unable to investigate further but may do so in the future. I would be grateful for any info regarding why and how they left this remote village. my greatgrandmother never spoke any english died in 1963 but did revisit picinisco in 1949 with her oldest daughter. other names that appear in her papers and letters which are written in italian which i cannot speak are VALVONA, CROLLA AND DE CARLO. any info would be gratfully appreciated. thank you in anticipation sandra small


From: Gaia
Email: gaia@rionemota.it
Subject: Un saluto agli amici italiani
Date: 24 October 2005 13:11:12

Salve, faccio parte del Rione Mota del Palio di Copparo (Ferrara), Emilia Romagna. Il nostro sito nato da poco e vuole far conoscere il nostro Palio e la nostra contrada. E' ricco di foto e notizie sulla nostra sfilata storica rinascimentale. Presenta, inoltre, immagini dei nostri sbandieratori e tamburini. Saremmo lieti di ricevere una vostra visita sul nostro forum (in italiano) e di poter scambiare notizie e opinioni con i frequentatori del vostro sito. Grazie, a presto! Gaia



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