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Message Board - archive 29

From: Patsy Norman
Email: norquin@btopenworld.com
Subject: Tyneside Irish Scots Italians and Scandanavians and others
Date: 23 September 2006 22:33:52

I grew up and went to a RC Girls School in North Shields Northumberland now Tyne & Wear among the Hansens Olsens Duffy's Quins McCleods Abernethy's we had a large number of Italians names I went to school with were Raffo's from Sicily Rea's... Tomaselli .. Racitti ..later on when I left Tyneside and married.... a boy from Haltwhistle there was Nardoni's later in the Army years Diplexcito from Forfar Scotland some had ice cream business\'s but not all..Racitti's seemed to have a great number of religeuse among there familythese names were as common to me as the irish names ...I was an adult before I discovered there was an indigenous population with reiver names such as Charlton Robson Elliot and Armstrong....Irish and scots folk music and classical and operatic music was part and parcel of my life my father's great friend Gregorius Raffo born in Sicily unlike hios brothers and sisters .... he was sent to a interment camp at the outbreak of war as a foreign national ... later was released to work with Italian POW's who had to learn to speak English for Greg couldnt speak Italian..It was a colourful rich upbringing we all were RC's it was what we had in common and everyone helped each other.. I am 68 now ..I feel privelaged to have grown up in such a cosmopolitan society on the Banks of the Tyne .I thought everyone lived in my sort of background ...... Poor Fr Popadopoulos the new curate was sent to minister to the older Italians many didnt speak English ...by the Parish Priest...who wanted to know why he couldnt understand the italian parishioner ....it was simple ...he was from Greece ....Enjoyed your site....Kind Regards Patsy Norman nee Quinn


From: Carol Baloglu
Email: carol@baloglu.org
Subject: Family Connections
Date: 15 September 2006 20:53:03

I am attempting to research my family tree from afar(the USA) and just by accident came across your site. It is wonderful. I remember many of the names from my childhood. My family were members of both St. Michaels and Corpus Christi. (In fact I crowned our lady at Corpus Christ) I am attempting to find out more about the COSTA side of my family. My g-grandfather's name was Dominic Costa. His father was Andreas Costa who married my ggg-grandmother Elizabeth Lingard in 1865. They ran a boarding house in WARWICK STREET. The families thereafter also lived in Blossom Street, Loom Street and Tib street. My ggg-grandfather (Andrew) is in your records, but I lose him after 1881 Any help would be much appreciated. Regards, Carol Baloglu


From: Sandra Secchi
Email: sandrasecchi@blueyonder.co.uk
Subject: Star of Shame
Date: 14 September 2006 13:59:52

I am an Italian Immigrant from London. Does anyone know where on earth I can get a copy of Des Hickey\'s book - Star of Shame - the story of the Arandora Star. Or am I not the only one looking ? Regards, Sandra Secchi


From: Mike Carnevale
Email: sono@blueyonder.co.uk
Subject: Carnevale\'s
Date: 12 September 2006 22:58:29

I am trying to find details of my Grandfather Francesco Carnevale born 5th May 1875 from the village of PICO. His father was Antonio & mother Sassia, in the 1901 Census he was living in Chesterfield with the Cofola family. I know that this is a great site for information, so hopefully someone will be able help me. Kind Regards, Mike Carnevale.


From: Susan Wilde
Email: suewilde@aol.com
Subject: Ancoats girl to Abruzzo
Date: 20 August 2006 16:34:26

Hi, My uncle gave me the link to your fantastic site. I have great memories of watching the Italians in Manchester at Whit Week. My first crush was on my Italian paper boy and maybe those early memories are what led me to travel Italy and more recently buy a house in Abruzzo. I believe there are plans for an Italian Piazza in Ancoats is this still the case? Could you add a link to my web site www.abruzzoholidayhomes. com? Also do you know when the whit walks will be next year I would love to go and watch the Italians again. Finally I have been teaching myself Italian for two years now but now need somebody to talk to on a regular basis. Can you put me in touch with someone who could help. Thanks again for such a great site, there has obviously been a lot of effort and love put into it. Can I put a link to it on my website? Best Regards Susan Wilde


From: bernard roberts
Email: jane@the-corner.co.uk
Subject: Rizza Family
Date: 20 August 2006 13:22:28

My grandfather was Bernardo Rizza and he lived in Gunn Street. He is mentioned in the Italian Society accounts but not mentioned anywhere else not even on the surname search.His occupation is noted as an ice cream vendor but he isnt mentioned in that section. His wife was Kathleen and had daughters Philomena, Teresa ( my mother) and sons, Giovanni,Carmino unfortunately three other children died in early childhood. Hoa do i go about trying to find what part of |Italy he came from . His fathers name was Giovanni Batista Rizza... Regards Bernard


From: Peter Farrell-Vinay
Email: peterfv@acm.org
Subject: Don Luigi Sturzo
Date: 09 August 2006 21:03:58

Hi, My wife is researching Don Luigi Sturzo who lived in Britain after Mussolini (and the Pope) threw him out of Italy. He had been the leader of the Popular Party until then. Can anyone shed any light on any visits he made to Manchester and in particular Wigan: there was a group of very tough Catholic ladies from there and it\'s just possible he went there?


From: Barbara Mcknight
Email: barbaramc-knight@demon.co.uk
Subject: The Raffo\'s of Jersey St
Date: 23 July 2006 21:03:47

I\'m researching our Family Tree and am trying to trace any Relatives or information regarding John Raffo he was born around 1874 in Genoa Italy the son of John and Mary Raffo. he had two brothers Anthony born 1871 married Maria Raggio and Louis born 1889.John married annie Maria Smith in 1893 and they had several children inc Annie Alice Mary Elizabeth Rosina John and Frances.John Jnr changed his name to Smith and fought with the Australian Army in WW11.John Snr died prior to 1936 he was at some stage in the IceCream Trade and lived in Jersey St.My husband Ian is the son of Frances Raffo.any information would be gratefully received.Regards Barbara.


From: Jemma Townson
Email: jemmatownson17@yahoo.co.uk
Subject: walks pictures
Date: 18 July 2006 13:40:10

Hi, I am looking for some pictures of my step father Peter Dellicolli carrying the madonna. His Granddaughter walked for the first time on sunday and i would love to have a picture of him walking aswell as we have not got any. As you might be aware Peter died in 2004 so we can take any. It would be a great help if you could help me to find out where i could obtain one from Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks


From: Ray Maiorano
Email: maishan@lworld.net
Date: 09 July 2006 04:55:20

My father and grandfather came from Sulmona. I would like to leave my surname. Maybe I might connect with others. My e-mail is maishan@lworld.net. The Name is MAIORANO and my first name is Ray.



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