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Message Board - archive 3

From:"John Treasure"
Subject: Re: Italian names (Mancini, Valerio, Sanuzio, Reu, Cuneo) 1901 census
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 15:28:52 +0100

Hi Tony

thank you for your reply.

I'm not sure if you opened or were able to open the attachment I sent with the last email, but it was a copy of the marriage certificate and it states his fathers name as Caitanio Cesario, wheelwright. This would confirm the last name as Cesario, also "Caitanio" or a version of it I believe is the Latin equivalent of the modern name Gaetano.

As to the Mancini family the did turn up in the 1901 census, I don't want to blab on so this is just an extract from one page:-

1901 census for Mancini

11 Jersey Street
Civil Parish Rural District
Ecclesiastical Parish Administrative County
Manchester St Peters Manchester

Angelo Mancini
Head of family Married 57 Male
Profession: Ice Cream Vendor Employment Status:Own Account Where born:Italy Italian Subj
Language Infirmity

Maddalena Mancini
Wife Married 52 Female
Profession:Undefined Where born:Italy Italian Subj
Language Infirmity

Giuseppe Mancini
Son Single 19 Male
Profession:Player Street Employment Status:Musician Own Account Where Born:Italy Italian Subj
Language Infirmity

Angelo Mancini
Son Single 16 Male
Profession:Player Street Employment Status:Musician Own Account Where Born:Italy Italian Subj

Antonio Mancini
Son Single 11 Male
Where Born: Undefined Lancs Manchester

Luigi Valerio
Lodger Married 25 Male
Profession:Organ Grinder Employment Status:Worker Where born:Italy Italian Subj
Language Infirmity

Maria Valerio
Lodger Married 25 Female
Profession:Undefined Where born:Italy Italian Subj
Language Infirmity

Pietro Valerio
Lodger Single ? Male
Profession:Undefined Lancs Where born:Manchester
Language Infirmity

Klazitas Sanuzio
Lodger Single 42 Male
Profession:Organ Grinder Employment Status:Worker Where born:Italy Italian Subj
Language Infirmity

lanterio Reu
Lodger Single 63 Male
Profession:Organ Grinder Employment Status:Worker Where born:Italy Italian Subj
Language Infirmity

Giaterno Cuneo
Lodger Single 43 Male
Profession:Organ Grinder Employment Status:Own Account Where Born: Italy Italian Subj
Language Infirmity

PS. sorry about the spelling last time it's not a word I use very often, and thanks for any help I may get from your great site.

Regards J Treasure.


From:"Mary Bradshaw Cosentino"
Email: mcosentino@castnav.com
Subject: Maini / Marini
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 14:30:16 +0100

My great, great grandmother was Clara Maini from Ancoats Little Italy. Could this be a misspelling of Marini? A more common Italian name. She married James Bradshaw in 1822 and migrated to America in 1854. Her father was Michael F. Maini(Marini).


From:"Peter Mead"
Email: peter.mead@infinito.it
Subject: Arandora Star
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 12:06:03 +0100

Dear Tony,

Julia Lovell's e-mail query (Subject : Camozzi, Arandora Star Date : Wed, 16 Apr 2003 18:44:47 +0100) raises the question of whether there is any type of memorial to those who died on the "Arandora Star" in July 1940.

In Italy, the most significant memorial is the chapel in the cemetery at Bardi, west of Parma. The home town of many families who emigrated to the UK (and particularly to South Wales), Bardi lost about fifty men on the Arandora Star - the highest count for any single community. The chapel was built in the late 1960s by the Comitato pro Vittime Arandora Star, which has been chaired for many years by Beppe Conti (the nephew of Guido Conti, one of the victims). On 2nd July every year, Bardi commemorates the victims of the tragedy with a service at the chapel in the cemetery (or, if the anniversary falls on a Sunday, at the local church).

In recent months, largely thanks to Maria Serena Balestracci's graduation thesis and the book she based on it ("Arandora Star. Una tragedia dimenticata", Pontremoli, Editrice Il Corriere Apuano 2002), the community at Bardi have enjoyed contacts with relatives of victims from other parts of Italy. Beppe Conti has thus been able to place their photographs in the chapel, alongside those of the Bardi victims. This year, relatives of several victims from outside the Bardi area will also be attending the service on 2nd July.

For those who read Italian, an account of the presentation of Maria Serena Balestracci's work, which took place at Bardi in October 2002, can be found at this address: link

The site even includes some film footage of Maria Serena and Beppe Conti speaking that evening, though the sound and picture are shaky unless one has a very good modem connection.

Also interesting is the transcript of a talk which Alfio Bernabei gave in October 2002 at Bologna University, in Forli'. This can be found on: http://www.sitlec.unibo.it/ARANDORA/

Alfio Bernabei's talk gives an excellent account of the background to the internment of Italian civilians in June 1940, focusing particularly on the figure of Forli'-born anti-fascist Decio Anzani, tragically arrested as a presumed fascist sympathiser and killed in the sinking of the "Arandora Star".

If Julia Lovell or other visitors to your excellent site would like further information, I will be very happy to help in any way I can.

Best wishes,

Peter Mead
University of Bologna (Forli')


From:"Stephen Peter"
(email adress withheld)
Subject: Ancoats Little Italy Website
Date : Thu, 26 Jun 2003 14:55:08 +0100 (BST)

Hiya Tony,

Thanks for giving me the Ancoats 'Little Italy' website address. I've had a very enjoyable time going over it this afternoon. It's a very well designed and stylish website, certainly easy on the eye.

I'm amazed at how much you know about your heritage.It's fascinating to see how you have put your history together - an account thant will be valuable for all the decendents of the Little Italy community. Great source material for school projects.

I recognised the names of Saint Gregory's and Saint Josephs schools. I went to Greg's in the 1970's.

I was born in Harpurhey in 1958 and remember the Catholic Whit Walks around town not forgetting numerous Ice Cream vans lining the route.One name I didn't see on your list was Gottellis who had an ice cream and herbalist shop just off Rochdale Road in the early 1960's.

A couple of years ago I met Mrs. Theresa Cashinella at Saint Clare's Church in Higher Blackley. Therasa's husband was a cousin of Saint Gemma Galgardi, an Italian Saint who had the Stigmata of Jesus Christ. Therasa gave the Bishop firm instructions that Saint Michael's was NOT GOING TO CLOSE DOWN! I haven't seen Teresa since then and I certainly hope she is still living with us.

I'm going to tell my good friend Bernard Del Soldarto at the YMCA about your website. Bernard is the perfect Italian Gentleman whom I respect very much - another Catholic!

It's always good to meet you and well done for creating an interesting and informative website.

Best regards.

Steve (YMCA)


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