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Message Board - archive 30

From: terry franchetti
Email: tfran88@aol.com
Subject: grandparents birthplace
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 11:48:07

My grandparents lived at 85 Maria st. Ancoats(1892) and 13, Blossom st. Ancoats (1894, my grandfather's name was Gaetano Franchitto and my grandmother's name was Bernadetta Melarangni the name Franchitto has been spelt like Franchetto and currently Franchetti, I would dearly like to know where in Italy they came from, any help will be much appreciated


From: Paula
Email: paularob1@btinternet.com
Date: 01 December 2006 01:56:37

Like many others I am trying to trace details of my family history but unsure as to where to start. My great grandparents were Domenic and Dominica Salvatore. They had 3 daughters - Josephine (my grandmother), Victoria and Connie. They had links with the ice cream business and my grandmother met my grandfather whilst selling the ice cream in Albert Park, Salford. Rudi Mancini who is featured on your website was my grandmothers cousin - I remember many a musical night at "The Queens". Would be grateful for any help however small. Best Regards To All


From: Terence Smith
Email: AnnSmt8@aol.com
Subject: Italian Family Surnames of Ancoats
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2006 08:23:40

Hello, I'd like you to add the surname Lanata to the Italian Family Surnames of Ancoats board, myself being a desendant I will give you a bit of info, the Lanata's left Genoa (Genova) in around 1905-1915 before settling in Manchester, they had a sculpture shop in Police Street, a china shop in Rochdale Road called 'Andrews' , also the name Lanata is honoured on the Victoria Station plaque for the war heros as Dominic Lanata Sr and Dominic Lanata Jr under the name Lanata, thank you

Terence Smith.


From: Sarah Bailey & James Bailey
Email: sarahbailey00@hotmail.com
Subject: William Bailey RIP
Date: 20 November 2006 21:42:09

Our Dad, William 'Bill' Bailey son of Nana and Dada Bailey of the Lock House in Ancoats sadly passed away on Wednesday 15th November 2006. Our dad was very well known in the Italian Community in Ancoats. He was born in the Lock House on Pott Street, Ancoats on 2nd July 1926 and was one of two sons born to James and Sarah Bailey. William married Eileen Molloy in St Michael\'s Church in 1940 and they both lived with their four children in Anita Street, Ancoats until 1976. We really miss our dear and kind dad and would like to inform all of his Italian friends that we will be holding a requiem mass at St Cuthberts Church on Palatine Road in Withington at 9.30am on Monday 27th November. Dad will then be buried in Southern Cemetary at 10.30am. You are very welcome to come and pay your respects. God rest his soul. We love you dad.


From: David McNamara
Email: davidmcnamara@beeb.net
Subject: The Politi Family
Date: 17 November 2006 18:08:43

I came upon this fascinating site when researching the Politi arm of my family. The line appears to begin in 1800 with Celestino Politi who came from Italy some time before 1820. The name appears regularly from then until the present day, with some changes in spelling such as Polite, Pollite, etc. The Politis did not seem to marry into other Italian families. I swould gladly share my research with anyone interested. Best wishes David McNamara


From: Geraldine Hargreaves
Email: geraldinehargreaves@btinternet.com
Subject: Re; Great Grandfather
Date: 07 November 2006 21:12:34

Let me introduce myself first, I am Geraldine Hargreaves and I am interested in tracing my family history. If there is anyone out there who can give me information,it will be most appreciated. My grandfather was Frances Sinacola who lived in manchester. My Great Grandfather was Giovanni Battista Sinacola who came from Italy.I know he had brothers and sisters as well, but i am not too sure how many. I also know that he emigrated to Boston in his later life. yours Geraldine


From: Geraldine Hargreaves (nee sinacola
Email: geraldinehargreaves@btinternet.com
Subject: re; last message
Date: 20 October 2006 19:13:13

my great grandfather was giovanni sinacola and apparently was shown in a photograph in a procession which you shown on your web site some time ago, could we see it again.


From: Geraldine Hargreaves
Email: geraldinehargreaves@btinternet.com
Subject: regarding name
Date: 20 October 2006 18:33:42

Hi I checked out your list of surnames and was surprised that my grand fathers name was on it 'sinacola'. Are there are more decendants of sinacola out there and as anybody got any information regarding my grand father or even my great grand father. I do know that he came from montecassino in italy and then lived in blackley manchester.


From: Roger Rocco Anthony DelliColli
Email: roccois007@yahoo.com
Subject: family history
Date: 01 October 2006 18:54:25

found your site,very nice wondering if anyone knows DelliColli my gramfather came to USA around 1800,work in the wool and cotton mills in Lawrence Mass,


From: cristiana kirby
Email: cristiana958@hotmail.com
Subject: lavoro
Date: 30 September 2006 22:19:32

io mi chiamo cristiana mi sono trsferita dal essex to manchester e vorrei sapere se ci sono molte possibilita' di lavoro da queste parti grazie mille cristiana



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