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Message Board - archive 38

From: Vincent Cashinella
Email: reemabbas_2000@yahoo.com
Subject: Vincent Cashinella
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2009 23:15:20

Firstly, My name is Vincent Cashinella and I went to school with Dominic Rea at St Patricks school. At one time, my family lived in the Ancoats area as they were in the 1908 census. I believe my father went to St Michael's school & I believe they lived on Cotton St. My Fathers name was Vincent Fenton Cashinella. I am his only son Vincent Cashinella and I have a sister, Mary Cashinella. I also had a sister who was killed in a Road Traffic Accident when she was young in the 1930's (around aged 6). I have recently lost an aunty (Teresa Cashinella - maiden name). I would be interested to know any information you have on my family or friends around that time.

Thank you.


From: Jessica
Email: mirg33@dsl.pipex.com
Subject: Angelo Deponio
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2009 20:50:06

Dear Tony, you don't know me, i am the granddaughter of Angelo Deponio. My mother was Madaline Deponio before she was married.

My granddad died before i was born, so i don't know anything about him. I would be very greatfull if there is anything you can tell me about him, and my grandmother.

Many thanks,


From: Bernard Marrs
Email: bernardmarrs70@hotmail.com
Subject: Tracing Grandfather
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 16:16:59

Dear Tony

I am trying to trace the Italian family of my Grt Grandfather his name was Antonio Loco He was born around 1836 and he came over to Engand around 1854 he came from a place called Gensa according to Ancestry.com in the province of Pulia near Bari.

He died on the 18 March 1904 he was a Working jeweller and Musician his wife was called Sarah Loco nee Smith and their last known address was -: 52 Medlock St Hulme Manchester if the is anything you can do to help me in this request I would appreciate it.

Yours Sincerely
Bernard Marrs


From: Linda Citrone
Email: linda.citrone@smithers-jones.co.uk
Subject: CITRONE
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 18:17:22

Dear Tony,

I've just stumbled across your website whilst researching my family history and thought what a very good site it was, well laid out, very informative and interesting to see the photo's of the region as I believe my family CITRONE (CEDRONE) and ALONZI also come from Arpino and Sora regions.

I have a Rea that has popped up in my family tree: Vincenzo Rea married to Colomba Citrone and they had a son called Domenico born cira 1897 - died 3/6/1976. I believe they lived in Bishop Auckland UK. I have no other details.

I've just been informed of another Rea who may be connected to our family - Camilla Rea who married Domenico Citrone. Domenico is my great grandfathers father who we have not been able to find any info on as he probably remained in Italy whilst some of his children came to the UK in the 1890's.

Is there by any chance a connection to your family? I'm hoping to go out to Italy next year to see the towns where our ancestors came from. In order to make the most of that trip I need to do some research into the Italian records because so far I've concentrated on the UK side of things because that has been much easier to find info on.

Kind regards
Linda Citrone


From: jan saunders
Email: janjim3@tpg.com.au
Subject: Ambrose family
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2009 02:30:13

My G G Grandfather John Ambrose, was a Confectioner and Ice Cream vendor for many years, he was known as "Daddy Ambrose" He had this business in the years 1851 onwards, and his son John Henry Ambrose conducted the business as well. I read a short message that one family member lived next door to the Ambrose family who made ice creams. Maybe someone can assist me to find out more information on our Ambrose family, Jan


From: jan saunders
Email: janjim3@tpg.com.au
Subject: Ancoats, Little Italy - Ambrose family
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2009 08:50:18


My name is Jan Saunders and I am a descendant of Henry Ambrose b. 1778 Ormskirk, Lancashire.

I've been in contact with some other descendants who claim that the Ambrose family settled at Ancoats, Little Italy, and were all ice cream men, that they originated from Italy.

Are you able to assist me at all? Having looked at the website, it is interesting to see that there is a D'Ambrosio surname on your list, was wondering if this is where we originated from.

I do know that his son John Ambrose b. 1823 was definitely a Confectioner in Manchester, but I did not know about the Ice Cream vendors as also being connected.

Was wondering if you could let me know further please

We live in Australia, and it is difficult to go and visit the town of Manchester, well we hope to one day soon, but in the meantime would greatly appreciate any assistance you can give me.

Jan Saunders


From: Jillian Delsoldato
Email: damian@delsoldato.orangehome.co.uk
Subject: Gaspirini family
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 13:18:32

I am looking ino my husband's family tree. His g g grandfather, Siegfridio Delsoldato was a farmer in Chiavari, Liguria and married into the Gaspirini family who were quite wealthy Basil farmers in the same region. I know there was a daughter Tina and her descendents are called Peruzzi, still in Italy. My husband's g gfather Luigi came over to Manchester in the early 1900s and another brother, possibly Guiseppe went to America. If anyone has anything they can help me with or point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful. Grazie


From: maureen anderson
Email: maur_anderson@yahoo.co.uk
Subject: cassinelli family in sheffield
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 19:52:40

Hi just wondering if anyone decended from Antonio Cassinelli has any information about the Lertora/ Canepa family. Antonio was a witness at the wedding of Gianbattista Lertora and Antonia Canepa who married at St Maries cathedral in Sheffield they lived in Sheffield for about 4 years before settling in Newcastle Upon Tyne I would love to know the exact birthplace of my ancestors.


From: nick cuppello
Email: nick-cuppello@hotmail.co.uk
Subject: italian irish connections - Cupello
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 15:53:15

hi, i have done alot of research into my family tree (cuppello) and have traced it back to louis cuppello who was my great great grandfather. he was living at 64 tib st with his brother john (giavanni)and wife rosina and two children in 1841, i have alot of info on my bloodline from louis(lewis) but none on his brother from then onwards. our family married into irish families for many generations. if anybody has or wants any info please mail me at above email adress thanks, nick cuppello


From: Eddie Whyte
Email: ewhyte@online.no
Subject: Ernesto Moruzzi
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2009 00:09:31

Dear Friend

I would be grateful for any information you might have about Ernesto Moruzzi who died on the Star. Do we know where he was from and what he did for a living? Was Peter his son?

Thanks in advance
Eddie Whyte


From: Daniele Morreale
Email: danielemorreale@talktalk.net
Subject: Morreale
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 2009 00:23:03

Great site Anthony.

Could you please add my family surname to you list.

Daniele Morreale



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