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Message Board - archive 9

From: "Jason Raffo"
Email: jasonraffo@hotmail.com
Subject: RAFFO
Date: 23 November 2003 00:00:00

I am trying to trace my family history and I feel that I am getting nearer!

Please read this as I believe that I am related to some of these people here!

My Great Grandfather John Cornelius Raffo lived in Manchester in or before 1926 - there are stories in the family talking about ice cream sellers, Sarsprilla and our ancestors coming from Italy. If this rings ANY bells please contact.

I have very little/ sketchy info and your help would be greatly appreciated!

Especially if your surname is RAFFO!

Kindest Regards
Jason Raffo


From: "maggie"
Email: nellynoomia@yahoo.com
Subject: Italian POW camps, Warwickshire
Date: 18 November 2003 00:00:00

I am desparate for information on anybody who knows of anybody who has information on Italian POW camps aroud the Studley area of Warwickshire. I have just found out that my father was a POW in WW2 and that he worked on a farm called:

Please if anyone knows of any information contact me by email:


From: "carlo loftus"
Email: carloftus@hotmail.com
Subject: Lavagnini / Lavanini
Date: 13 November 2003 17:26:19


Just discovered "Little Italy" and must congratulate you on it. I was searching the list of names you gave and was hoping to see my grandfather's there. He came over from Italy (Carrara) to work for Mr Alberti. His name then was Carlo Lavagnini but eventually altered it to Lavanini. He does appear in the 1901 census aged 31 and died in 1918 leaving a small family. I'm just "passing thru" your site but will visit shortly for a longer look. (If i'm right in thinking you left Tommy More's just before i joined the staff, but was able to obtain a copy of your booklet).


Carlo Loftus (in Toronto at the moment)


From: "Thomas Southgate"
Email: larrys@tesco.net
Subject: Nuovo contatto
Date: 03 November 2003 22:01:42

Son un inglese ex-soldato che ha servito nell'esercito inglese in Italia, specialmente a Trieste quando era il Territorio Libero di Trieste dal 1946 a 1953. Ero sposato con una bella mula da Trieste per quasi 50 anni quando lei e morta all'improvviso in Febbraio 2001.

Lavoro ancora oggi come interprete in italiano. Esiste un club italiano che accetta and persone come me? Ho bisogno di mantenere i contatti vivi cogli italiani per mantenere le mia conoscenza della lingua. Ho moltissimi amici e parenti in Italia specialmente in Trieste e Bologna.

Sarei eternamente grato se mi puo dare tutto l'informazione possibile. Vivo in Cheadle Hulme.

In atteso una sua gentile risposta,

Larry Southgate.



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