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Manchester Italian Association

The 'Italian Catholic Society', founded in 1888, and the 'Mutual Aid Society' founded in 1900, merged in 1986 to form the 'Manchester Italian Catholic and Mutual Aid Society'. In 1997 the organisation changed its name to the 'Manchester Italian Association' (MIA).

Today the Association is still as active as it was when it was founded in 1888 by Father Tynan and the Italian community. Its aims and objectives are still the same; to promote the welfare of the Italian community, to promote its ties with Italy, to promote its history, culture and heritage, to preserve all emblems, memorabilia and items of heritage, and in the wider community to bring together young people in education and leisure activities, and help the elderly.

Throughout the year MIA organises many events. The most high profile is the Italian Procession, in honour of Our Lady of the Rosary, which takes place every July. This involves the carrying of the religious emblems, The Madonna, The Calvary, St.Anthony and beautiful banners, from Ancoats across Manchester city centre passing the Town Hall, to the Catholic cathedral of St. John in Salford. The procession is accompanied by the Lord Mayors of Manchester and Salford, members from the Italian consul, women in the colourful regional dress of Italy, children in First Communion dress, and culminates in a service led by the Bishop of Salford. This is followed by a festa of accordion music, food and drink.

As part of being the custodian of the Italian community's heritage, MIA has organised over the years many cultural, ethnic, historic events and exhibitions. They have given slideshows and talks in schools, universities, family history societies, church guilds and rotary clubs. They also organise exhibitions, such as the one shown above at Manchester Central Library. A new project has been the video 'The Roots of the Vine', another excellent documentation of the Italian community of Ancoats. The video can be booked by interested groups through MIA.

MIA also organise Italian classes at Corpus Christi social centre, ongoing events for the youth, trips out, dinner functions and many other events throughout the year.

The association is always open to new members regardless of sex, race, religious, political or other opinions. Anybody wishing to join can contact the president Lorraine Taurasi on 0161 766 2941.

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Left: display from the Italian cultural exhibition held in Central Library in Manchester (Contributions from MIA, the Antonelli and Ronchetti families, Tony Rea, and Greater Manchester Police)
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Display 1
Display 2
Display 3
Display 4
Display 5
Display 6
Display 7

The Madonna del Rosario. The canopy and base were sadly destroyed in a fire; MIA organised the fundraising to replace them with identical copies (see above).
Every year MIA co-ordinates the annual procession, or 'Italian Whit Walk', through Manchester.
Artist's impression of the first procession in 1890


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