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I hope you have found this site interesting. My own interest developed from my research into the community in which our family lived in Manchester, UK. This was Ancoats, Little Italy, which forms the basis of my other site,

Below are some links to help you in your genealogy search on the surname Rea. A good route is to write to the parish church of your communi of origin; for a small fee they may research your family tree. Also try the Town Hall of Arpino (Tel: (Italy) 0776.85211).

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If you would like to add your own Rea family link (Italian descent) here, please email
Daniel Rea From Arpino, Frosinone, now USA

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Gilroy Was Here!
Jim Glen & Ian MacFarlane

The life and career of Scottish boxing legend, Bert Gilroy, real name Antonio Rea. Born to Italian immigrant parents, his outstanding boxing career suffered during the war years, as did many Italians living in Britain at this time. Scottish champion, and potential middleweight champion of the world, he 'was the unluckiest champion that ever was.'

Independently published, see website for more:

Other books:
Domenico Rea author Search Amazon Books
Ermanno Rea author Search Amazon Books
La Storia (book) Search Amazon Books
Anthony Rea Search Amazon Books

General Links
Hotel Rea Napoli  



Arpino: 3000 anni di storia
(Arpino: 3000 years of history)

A guidebook to the origins, history, buildings, museums, famous people, scenery and food of Arpino and the region.

Guida ai 91 Comuni della Provincia di Frosinone
(Guide to the 91 Communes of the Province of Frosinone)

A comprehensive directory to all 91 communes and the towns of the Frosinone region. A handy guide for all travellers with descriptions, directions, hotels, restaurants, bars, calendars of events and what to see. Edited by Luciano Rea

Ciociaria in Video

Italian language video of the villages in the Comino Valley, Monte Cassino, The Sanctuary of the Madonna of Canneto and more. A great insight into the lives of the people of this region.

To purchase contact the Ciociaria Tourist Board, Ciociaria Turismo:

Or the Tourist Office of Arpino, Piazza Municipio, Province of Frosinine, Lazio
Tel: (Italy) 0776.848535