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Notable Reas

Rea Sylvia Mother of the twins Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome
Rea Ildefonso Abbot of the famous Monte Cassino Abbey during World War II, born in Arpino
Rea Antonio Scottish champion boxer, fighting name 'Bert Gilroy'
Bert gilroy website
Rea Domenico Author, born Napoli 1925
Rea Danilo Famous saxaphone player, born Roma, 1947
Rea Analisa Italian distance runner, born in a small town called Rocaserca, close to Arpino
Rea Marco Broadcaster, born in Scotland, family originally from Arpino
Rea Chris Famous singer, born Middlesborough, UK. Family originally fro Arpino
Rea Roberto Roberto Rea, secretary and international ringside judge of the Italian Boxing Federation, Roma
Rea Ermanno Famous Italian author, born Naples 1927
Rea Felice Italian footballer
Mauro Rea Artist
Rea Raffaello (Ralf) MD living in Ohio, America, born in Isola Liri, close to Arpino, brother to Luigi Rea, who was also a renowned Italian heart surgeon


Above: Rea family run linen shop in Naples centre.
Above: Rea butcher shop in Arpino, Frosinone
Advertising leaflet from Arpino, show a few of the many Reas
Rea family from Bassano, northern Italy, craftsmen of Capodimonte
Roberto Rea, secretary of the Italian Boxing Federation, Roma